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The 2015 CoachSource Worldwide Coaches Forum

  • San Francisco, CA (map)

Mindfulness to Mindlessness

An Application to Leadership, Decision-Making and Innovation

The buzz word, 'Mindfulness' so readily used today is in fact limited in quotidian applications. The concept of mindfulness advocated by new age gurus is based on enhanced and focused sensory perception, which in reality conditions us to a egoistic and judgmental mindset. Rather than frame social awareness with self, mindful devotees strive to lock themselves into what is termed the 'present' moment', which does not functionally exist. Present is a continuum of the past and future -- to be truly mindful, one needs to develop a time-space independent awareness, which goes beyond our personal ego frame. Coacharya coined 'Mindlessness' as a contrarian term that follows the original spiritual concept of 'no mind'. This is the permanent and ultimate awareness state.