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EMCC: 22nd Annual Mentoring and Coaching Conference

Building Business Engagement

Masterclass: Aligning Your Gut Response with Your Business Head

A competency in mentoring and coaching does not necessarily postively correlate to business acumen. Coaches might dislike self-promotion and are may not be clear about marketing best practices.

In order to reconcile themselves to market themselves, coaches need to overcome internal resistance, often unconscious, to execute. This can only happen if they are passionate about what they do, and become aware of how they can catalyze changes in others using their unique strengths. In this session, the audience will be led through a process of self-discovery to uncover the sweet spot of congruence between strengths and passions. This will bring opportunities to light and establish the support systems needed to build a successful business.

In the marketplace, coaches need to to influence potential clients with specifics of their added value, and how they’re uniquely positioned to do this better than anyone else. In the second part of the session, the audience will learn to look holistically and specifically about the building blocks needed to setup a business through a simple and elegant model on the basis of a coaching approach.