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WBECS Full Summit: Live Webinar

5th Annual World Business and Executive Coach Conference

Coaching for Social Change — The Barefoot Leadership Initiative


As a corporate executive at a multi-national corporation based in rural India, I learned that working at a grassroots level fuelled my evolution into a corporate leader and helped the company’s bottom-line and subsequent growth. 

During my tenure in corporate leadership, I observed that organizations have the potential to transform societal values for positive change, but also frequently, the adverse. In the here and now, as a coach working on behavioural transformation at individual and group levels, from co-creative visioning to collaborative action, I have learned how this process can be efficiently structured. 

Organizations can successfully work towards sustainable growth by use of coaching competencies to embed societal change within business goals that help initiate leadership development. In this session, I will take you through the personal experience of creating the barefoot leadership initiatives that promote societal transformation through the use of coaching competencies.

I will share with you processes that will help you discover the unconscious passion to serve (yes, we all do, just listen to Sir John's video) and strengths to support. The congruence of which will enable you to identify opportunities and support systems to develop yourself, others and grow your organization -- be it small, medium or large.

Our future lays in a co-created sustainable environment that we all own and inhabit. Let us collaborate and collectively discover how to make it happen. This session is neither simply inspirational nor motivational, it is meant to be both, with takeaways for practical utility.

Borrowed and proprietary models:

  • Sweet Spot Analysis™: Internalize personal strengths and the passion to drive change
  • GROWTH: Address short-term objectives
  • 65 Back™: Align long-term goals with short-term objectives
  • SPEED™: co-create vision to collaborative action