Create Your Future

Each and every one of us would love to create and control our destiny. We all would like to convert our desires and dreams into reality.

Most self-help programs exhort us to look at the future positively, visualize through vision boards or similar devices, to liberate ourselves from negative beliefs in order to create a brighter future. If this were that easy, none of us would be afflicted with negativity. The entire world would be glowing positively.

Our past conditioning as well as present reality imprison our future. It is easy to preach positive visualization, but very hard to practice. To liberate our future vision from negative beliefs of the past and present constraints, we need to integrate the past and present into the future with an awareness of our true potential. At Coacharya we call this the mindless state.

The Here & Now can become an escape route for many. True mindlessness integrates past, present and future in a disengaged state, where we remain witnesses while in action. Mindlessness leads to action without obsession. Mindlessness focuses on the process and not outcome. Process guarantees outcome.

Coacharya’s proprietary Create Your Future program helps create one’s future through a mindless process of establishing a value based long term vision first, and then leading to a near term action plan.

Create Your Future targets goal-driven executives and professionals, not spiritual seekers working towards elusive enlightenment.

Business and Executive Coaching

Business and Executive Coaching

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