Top 10 Attributes of a Great Coach

  1. Possesses an higher than average emotional intelligence quotient (EQ)
  2. Has an endemic aptitude to listen well and without judgment.
  3. Offers guidance without defaulting into instructions, directives, or consultancy.
  4. Is empathetic and fulfilled by the process of helping others through guidance.
  5. Finds passion in the interconnectedness of human interaction.
  6. Has gained adequate practical experience in the coaching niche of choice.
  7. Allows client to tell their life story rather than recount one that is autobiographical.
  8. Has earned appropriate credentials from an accredited coaching institution.
  9. Logs a minimum threshold of coaching hours to ensure expertise and aspires to mastery (10,000 hours suggested).
  10. Upholds and adheres to the professionalism and ethics that preserve the validity of the coaching ecosystem.