The American dream

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Industrious is proud to support Immigrant Heritage Month and we want you to as well! Here is the story of one of our very own members Pranav S. Ramanathan from Coacharya here at Industrious! #WelcomeUS

Pranav S. Ramanathan — Est. 1994 | Coacharya℠ — Est. 2013

20 years • 4 states • 7 cities • 2 universities • 2 degrees • 5 companies • 600+ network

Almost exactly twenty years ago, I began my journey to explore the American Dream. Today, I am a citizen, an entrepreneur, and a family man — born abroad, bred in America.

It began with one of many passage rites available for aspiring immigrants to ensure my place in the United States. Entry with a student visa was followed by a work permit, which later transitioned to residency and eventual citizenship. 

The technical immigration process took seventeen-years on paper, whereas my social assimilation to the American culture, took perhaps a third of that time. This was made possible by the educational and career resources at my disposal, the endemic system of immigrant support, and the kindness and camaraderie of my native born family and friends.

During this time I managed to live in four states and seven cities. I attended two universities and earned a bachelors’ and a masters’ degree from each. I worked for three startups, two corporations and one non-profit.

My father, a business executive with a career spanning forty years over three continents, chose to fulfill his talents by guiding others to fulfill their own. To formalize this concept, I agreed to partner with him and our executive coaching practice, Coacharya, was born. 

I am married to a fifth generation American of Irish-German decent. I am a father to a U.S. born, multi-ethnic, five-month-old daughter who will inevitably use her smile to change the world. Our rescue Shar-pei (also of mixed origins), reminds me on a daily basis that unconditional love and loyalty exist.

I am content. I live the American dream.