Coach Training Alumni Testimonials

We’re extremely proud of all the coaches we’ve trained and mentored through our coach training programs. They’re at the core of what we do. Here’s what a few of them have to say about their experience with Coacharya.

We strive to continuously improve our learner experience. We gather feedback from learners while they are enrolled and once they finish their program. This includes surveys as well as 1:1 interviews. We use the standardized Net Promoter Score (or NPS) to objectively measure how well we are doing. Scroll down to read (and watch) what our former coach training learners have to say about Coacharya ICF programs.

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Alumni Testimonials

“I took the life-changing Coaching + Ontology course with Tracy and the very talented Dreyvan Dayse through Coacharya. I also had the opportunity to be coached by Tracy during and after the course. She is hands down one of the most present and compassionate teachers and coaches I have ever worked with. She has a quiet and powerful ability to challenge my assumptions that have led to shifting my perspective in extraordinarily important ways. She is an incredibly open and inclusive teacher as well. In addition to her depth of skills in facilitation and coaching, she brings mastery as a meditation teacher. I have had a meditation practice for over 20 years and have engaged in many guided meditations, and Tracy is really the most gifted guide I have sat with in both her approach and application. I highly recommend her as a facilitator, teacher, and coach.”

— Paula Di Rita Wishart, Assistant Dean, University of Michigan

Not only did I have fantastic trainers, but the whole philosophy of Coacharya and interactions with different people in Coacharya has been such a pleasant experience. It is not transactional, diversity and inclusion, the essence of it, when everyone in Coacharya comes together, they bring light into whatever they do. There is so much more depth and meaning.

— Divya PK

The start of a coaching journey can be pretty daunting for new coaches, it’s a whole new and ever-changing world… I am so glad I had Dr Colleen as my first coach trainer and mentor. I love and admire her journey to start with and her authentic and energetic style flows into how she facilitates and curates our learning journey. As a coach trainee I feel supported, clear and excited. She is always creating a space for us to resolve our queries which is a huge learning each time, sharing resources on steroids so we are constantly upskilling and learning, and the best part – she learns with us. I have loved her structured and mad scientist-like sessions where we can be clear, curious and open-minded all at the same time. She has managed to make me fall more in love with the journey, art & science of coaching. So lucky to be a part of her cohort!

— Kriti Thakur, Program Lead, Jigsaw Thinking

“I joined the Program to gain some structured inputs on the subject of coaching, both to reinforce my existing knowledge/skills, as well as help me in my goal of getting a formal accreditation from ICF.

As a student of the program, I had the opportunity to attend a number of face-to-face sessions anchored by Ram Ramanathan. I found these sessions to be of significant value on account of the wide-ranging information and deep insights he provided, the space and opportunity created for coaching practice amongst the participants, as well as his effective role modeling.

In my journey to gain ICF accreditation, I found Ram to be an able and willing mentor.”

— Harish Devarajan, Former Head of HR, Hindustan Unilever

“The discussions go well beyond just coaching and into the realm of interpersonal and intra-personal human dynamics. One can only be challenged in one’s paradigms and be nudged towards greater self-exploration and discovery through these sessions.

There is also a robust focus on the ICF coaching competencies with ample time to practice coaching and learn from peers. The peer group is a good mix of people from diverse backgrounds who challenge, push and encourage each other.”

— V. Shankar Narayana, Sr. Vice President – HR, Scope International

Beth Berila

Coacharya Coaching Foundation + Ontology Alumna

Ranjit Bedi

Coacharya Coaching Foundation + Ontology Alumnus

Soma Kakulapati Verma

Coacharya Coaching Foundation + Ontology Alumna


Michele LaMontagne

Coacharya Coaching Foundation Alumna

Jaykumar Hariharan

Coacharya Coaching Foundation Alumnus

Vanessa Rimando

Coacharya Coaching Foundation Alumna