Pranav S. Ramanathan, PCC: Co-Founder & CEO

With a collective 24 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Pranav has deep operational expertise in the technology, media, leadership development, and non-profit sectors. He began his coaching career 10 years ago as the co-founder of Coacharya. During the inception stage of the company, Pranav oversaw all aspects of growth and operational strategy from ongoing business development and day-to-day logistics to affiliated technology and investment needs. A lifelong expatriate, Pranav grew up in three countries (India, Indonesia, U.S.A.) and currently lives in his 17th city, inevitably well-versed in transitions, multi-cultural nuances, and assimilation.

Alongside Coacharya, Pranav served on the Board of Directors for Upwardly Global, a 20+ year non-profit. As Board President, he co-led the organization through a financial downfall, an acquisition, a post-merger-dissolution and divestiture, a CEO hiring process, and an operating budget raise from $5M to $10M. During this time, Pranav coached the CEO and executive team through personal growth, team-building, and conflict-resolution scenarios.

Prior to this, as the Online Marketing Director for a business media unit at The Nielsen Company, Pranav led an effort to build a digital product portfolio that contributed to a 125% profit increase across P&L. As one-of-five top-performing marketers, he was selected to be part of a strategic ‘dream team’ that developed best practices for Nielsen Business Media’s central marketing organization. He began his career at a software consulting start-up during the 90s Internet boom in Silicon Valley as a web/graphic design intern and worked his way into sales and marketing roles at multiple organizations.

Pranav has a B.S. in Architecture from Arizona State University and an M.S. in Integrated Marketing from Northwestern University. He aspires to be a decent musician and enjoys an amateur gig as a multi-instrumentalist in a jam band. Pranav is a father to two beautiful girls and resides primarily in Santa Monica, California.


ICF-accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC) since April 2014
ICF-accredited Master Certified Coach (MCC) to be completed in 2023
Systemic Coach training certified since April 2022
Youth Coach training certified since December 2021


2,500+ hours of one-on-one coaching logged with professionals at all organizational levels (entry-level to middle management to executive), verticals (corporate to business owners to non-profit), and generations (Baby-boomer to Gen X to Millennial) Coached C-suite executives through organizational scenarios such as: effective leadership, alignment of vision and mission, interpersonal conflicts and dilemmas, change management, team dynamics, personal awareness, cross-cultural fit, and executive presence Facilitated group workshops for teams using the modalities of: Vision-to-Action, Future-Back, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Mindfulness, and DILTs Neurological Levels Native understanding of cross-cultural nuances in individual and collective communities, specifically North America, South Asia and South-East Asia. Leadership development for presumptive leaders in the Gen Z segment