Yamini Kandpal

Relationship Manager

Yamini Kandpal is a writer whose passion lies in weaving stories and has now found her niche in creating stories related to the world of coaching.
A learner coach, she is part of the Sales and Marketing Team at Coacharya. She manages corporate support and aspects of business development. Her other responsibilities include copywriting, creating blogs, and social media content for the Marketing Team as well.

Besides writing, Yamini is a travel enthusiast. She is always on the move, hopping from one city to another, creating stories, and collecting stationery paraphernalia from each city, along the way. She is fond of singing and one day hopes to learn the drums and the piano. When she is not working, you can find her either grooving to a pop song or tucked away in a corner reading a suspense or crime thriller on Kindle.

Yamini has pursued her Master’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. Before entering the corporate world, she was a journalist, who worked with a news agency, covering events on the ground and writing news articles.