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Since inception, Coacharya has trained over 500 coaches towards professional certification. We’ve also coached executives from over 30 Fortune 100 companies and we’ve held team coaching programs at numerous others.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about us.

“Sessions led by Ram were an invigorating experience.”

“The face-to-face sessions led by Ram were an invigorating experience. The class consisted of very enthusiastic and committed participants from diverse backgrounds. Ram’s facilitation kept us connected and moving through the sessions.

It was amazing to see Ram work so intensely, illustrating concepts from his own diverse life experiences. There were also several opportunities to role-play and learn from each other. All of us in the class have now bonded making the learning meaningful as well as enjoyable.”

— Dr. Arvind N. Agrawal, Management Board Member, President – Corporate Development & HR, RPG Enterprises

“In my journey to gain ICF accreditation I found Ram to be an able and willing mentor.”

“I joined the Program to gain some structured inputs on the subject of coaching, both to reinforce my existing knowledge/skills, as well as help me in my goal of getting a formal accreditation from ICF.

As a student of the program, I had the opportunity to attend a number of face-to-face sessions anchored by Ram Ramanathan. I found these sessions to be of significant value on account of the wide ranging information and deep insights he provided, the space and opportunity created for coaching practice amongst the participants, as well as his effective role modeling.

In my journey to gain ICF accreditation I found Ram to be an able and willing mentor.”

— Harish Devarajan, Former Head of HR, Hindustan Unilever

“The discussions go well beyond just coaching.”

“The ICF-PCC program with Coacharya has been an extremely interesting journey.
Ram brings into play his diverse background and eclectic experiences to make the classroom discussions rich and lively. The discussions go well beyond just coaching an into the realm of interpersonal and intra-personal human dynamics. One can only be challenged in one’s paradigms and be nudged towards greater self-exploration and discovery through these sessions.

There is also a robust focus on the ICF coaching competencies with ample time to practice coaching and learn from peers. The peer group is a good mix of people from diverse backgrounds who challenge, push and encourage each other.
In summary, as much as I look forward to my ICF-PCC accreditation, I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey with Coacharya!”

— V. Shankar Narayana, Sr. Vice President – HR, Scope International


“He beautifully blends facilitation and authority to drive home the point as necessary.”

“Ram conducted the Vision-to-Action™ workshop for the top team from Sun Pharma’s Advance Research Centre (SPARC). As the title of the workshop suggests, it combined the visioning and action planning phases.

Ram led the workshop with great ease and authority. With his facilitation skills and also the experience of having led and turned around businesses, he beautifully blends facilitation and authority to drive home the point as necessary.

All in, a great experience and direction to channel our energies.”

— Dr Pramod Solanki, Head – Learning & Organization Development, Corporate HR, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

I would recommend this program this program to anyone who aspires to be a coach.

The last 14 years of my professional career have been in the area of Learning & Development. The question of how people learn has been of abiding interest to me. Traditional training in soft areas including leadership, change etc.. rely on models and over structured methodologies, whereas my experience has been that true learning and change happens primarily through a certain quality of conversation. The idea of a coaching (after some reading) conversation seemed like the perfect medium to affect deep and lasting change.  

Since I didn’t know too much about coach training programs in India, I did some research on the net.  I started with the ICF website to check whether they offer any programs in India. I then started looking for ACTP training partners in India. Location, start dates & duration , price were some important search criteria, atleast initially. However as I went through various alternatives, I was also looking for something to appeal to me at a deeper level, in terms of what I read on the website, perhaps a principle, approach, philosophy, program structure etc..I found the Coacharya home page and other content pages  very direct and using a vocabulary (mindlessness) devoid of business jargon. In particular the ACTP page was very well structured and also checked a few boxes for me..such as spirituality, blend of west and east. The page also explained more clearly than the ICF site what ACTP was. Responding to instinct I dashed a mail to Ram and was directed to Anita.  The first conversation with Anita just reinforced and reconfirmed my impressions. She very patiently explained the whole ICF mumbo jumbo to me, for which I shall be ever thankful..

3 things stand out for me through the whole program experience.

  1. That I met so many diverse individuals each of them exploring their own vulnerability, encouraged and supported by Anita. That was sensational. The people I met are never again going to be just ‘some guys I met in class’.
  2. Mentor and peer coaching sessions…that initial cliffhanger feeling as you begin your first session as a coach, the struggle to let go, sensing that bridge as well as that thin film of a barrier between knowing and effortless practice, that all too brief sense of connection and continuity with the client…exhilarating stuff. Also the opportunity to watch one’s own struggle play out in other coaches.
  3. Anita’s observations and feedback…sharp but not edgy, the ‘think about it’ style, how well she connects competencies to actual and specific coach behaviours, how she brings certain coach mannerisms into  awareness. This stands true to the early statement made my Anita that the training is designed at PCC level. Anita herself is very open and authentic in sharing her own experiences including the personal nature of the topics she brings in to the conversation as a client. Very refreshing and an open invitation to trainees to share as well.

There were no surprises for me in the program content. The big and very pleasant bonus was the opportunity to participate in the Coacharya Colloquium, the learner webinars and listen to MCC Masters including Ram. I was also very kicked at my own ability to comprehend, appreciate and connect the topics to my own framework of coaching, in a sense it was a validation of my own thoughts on existential and ontological concepts.  The clincher was o fcourse Ram’s reference to Ramana Maharishi. Therefore writing the assignment on Coachability was very satisfying for me, for I knew there would be people who would read with interest

Obviously I would recommend this program this program to anyone who aspires to be a coach. I would equally recommend Anita as a mentor coach, not just for the quality of delivery and the fact that she works hard at it, but also because she herself is a role model. One can equally well watching how she does it as by listening to her.

— Mohan Bala, Consultant-Organisational Capability Building

The Coacharya program and the mentor coaches are genuinely interested in learners’ welfare.

All the while in my past two decades of leadership experience across Asia, Europe, and the US, I thought mentoring was the best way to pass on my experience. However, I soon realized ‘telling’ people has a limited effect. And hence change is hard to bring about. Coaching came to me as a powerful way forward. Through coaching, I could still leverage my two decades of experience. I strongly feel coaching has the power to unleash peoples’ full potential. And over time coaching can bring about the much-needed change. If one is serious about it like I am, right training is very important and if one is in it for the long run, I feel certification is also equally important.

Very much in line with coaching philosophy, the Coacharya program and the mentor coaches are genuinely interested in learners’ welfare. And that is reflected in the course material, classroom sessions, feedback, assignments, practice sessions, continued learning and preparing the coach for go-to-market.

Ram’s profile, which speaks volumes, his philosophy of mindlessness and the way he motivates every learner coach to unleash their potential. A true a master coach!
And Anita reiterated Coacharya’s coaching philosophy and navigated my scattered thought to help me arrive at a decision. Anita’s coaching style is professional, warm, compassionate and supportive. She is utterly committed to learners’ welfare. In my view, Anita is one of the ideal mentor coaches with a right blend of corporate experience, exceptional communicator, and a brilliant coach!

A right coach can make all the difference!

There is no better place than Coacharya if someone wants to become a coach and belong to the coaching community across the globe.

— Vivek Mittal, Founder & Director, Insta Technologies Private Limited

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