Awake, Aware, Arise

Join us for a virtual conference to challenge your thinking as to what coaching could be and the impact it can make on our world. 3 sessions daily Monday through Thursday, September 21 – October 22. Pre-register below.

In September, we will hold our annual virtual event, but this year we’re going for maximum impact. Please join us for our first true virtual conference on the theme of Awake, Aware, Arise.

The oldest scriptures in the world, the Vedic Upanishads, urged spiritual seekers to become truly Awake to the suffering in the world around them, become Aware of their responsibilities and how to help, and Arise together to act and be counted.

We now urge the coaching and leadership community to wake up to the global suffering today, become aware of what we can do and arise to act. 

Pre-register now to be the first to know of opportunities for workshops and fireside chats over and above the 45+ free presentations by world-renowned coaches and leaders. (see last year’s speakers).

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