Coacharya Won the EMCC Global Coaching Award

Jun 1, 2020

On June 1, 2020, Coacharya officially received its EMCC Coaching Award in a virtual ceremony. We’re excited for this honor and humbled by the nominations we received from our global coaching community. To commemorate this milestone, we asked Ram, Coacharya Founder, to tell us a bit about what EMCC is and why we’re proud to support it. 

Coacharya’s journey with EMCC started in a very unexpected way. Some of our learners nominated us for the EMCC inaugural global award for coaches in 2014. Coacharya had been in operation for a mere 2 years, only in India, with no international presence. My own credentialed accreditation was only with ICF, with no connection with EMCC. Yet, EMCC reached out to us to ask me who we are. I looked up EMCC and found that it was older than ICF as an accreditation body, though it started as a mentoring council. It was interesting that mentoring and coaching were being integrated unlike the prevailing theory that these were poles apart. This was music my corporate leader ears. I was interviewed by Lise Lewis, then President of EMCC, and Coacharya was awarded the first EMCC global Coach award.

I applied for EMCC coaching accreditation soon after. EMCC recognizes other major coaching credentials, in my case my ICF PCC, and I was soon a Senior Practitioner with EMCC, and in time both MCC with ICF and Master Practitioner with EMCC, later followed by supervision credential as ESIA.

In 2014 Coacharya applied for trainer accreditation with ICF first as an ACSTH provider, and soon after ACTP, when Cindy joined as our MCC program and training director. Soon after we became accredited trainers with EMCC as an EQA training provider and with CCE for BCC, probably the only global operation providing a common program that qualifies for all three international reputed credentials. We are truly proud that we are able to offer this choice to our learners in our belief of client centricity. Many of our alumni are now accredited with multiple credentials. With Magda coming on board in 2017 we started spreading our wings globally.

EMCC’s strengths are in research and development in multiple aspects of coaching. In addition to coaches, EMCC accredits mentors, supervisors, team coaches and organizations adding value across the entire spectrum of coaching. It’s mandatory internal audit system, collaborative and value-added, has significantly helped us review and structure our learning evidencing process.

In time, we are certain that all global credentialing and accreditation bodies will come together to make coaching accreditation portable without having to go through multiple expensive training processes none very different from another while ensuring that all quality criteria are fulfilled.

Coacharya wants to democratize coaching, making it affordable and portable. This is happening in the academic space and is possible in coaching. We firmly believe that leadership and coaching skills are inborn in all of us and all it takes is a trigger to make us aware to become leader coaches and coach leaders. Learners should have options to choose the pathways that help them become coaches, and be qualified for multiple accreditation possibilities in an affordable manner. Though this process is intensive in creating content, obtaining accreditation, training trainers, installing quality processes, and finally guiding learners through multiple pathways, we feel fulfilled that we fulfill our learner needs.

We sincerely hope that democratized affordable coaching with a common standard for credentialing, even though there may be multiple institutions to credential and train, becomes the norm in the interests of coaches.

– Ram

Original post from the day winners were originally announced

We’re thrilled to announce that Coacharya and Dr. Paras, one of our Associate Trainers are winners of the 2019 EMCC Global Coaching Award.

We feel extremely grateful towards the Coacharya community. It is your engagement and support that encourages us to constantly grow.

We also want to take this opportunity to congratulate Henley Centre for Coaching, Societe GeneraleChristina Demetriades, and Nigel Cumberland with whom we share this honour.

Congratulations to The Island Turkish Education Foundation, Dr. Judie Gannon and Rajesh Misca for winning the 2019 EMCC Global Mentoring Award and to Dr. Damian GoldvargDr. Lise Lewis and Dr. Michel Moral for winning the 2019 EMCC Global Supervision Award.


2019 Coaching Award Winners

Brussels, 31 January 2019 – EMCC is delighted to announce the winners of the 2019 Coaching awards:

  • Coacharya
  • Henley Centre for Coaching
  • Societe Generale
  • Christina Demetriades
  • Dr Paras
  • Nigel Cumberland

Dr Riza Kadilar, EMCC President, said of the award winners ‘EMCC exists to develop, promote, and set the expectation of best practice in coaching (as well as mentoring and supervision) globally for the benefit of society. I’m proud to see that the winners of 2019 EMCC coaching awards at both individual and institutional level are exemplary role models in line with our purpose statement. I should also extend my special thanks to our distinguished jury members for their diligent work in selecting such inspiring winners.’

Global Coaching Award Winner


Awarded for the outstanding work they are doing promoting coaching in India. They are one of the leading providers of coach training, alongside spearheading CPD for coaches, providing many free resources and organising events. They are also in the forefront of providing coaching across the country. They had a large numbers of nominations with many employees participating in their success being mentioned in the nominations.

Coacharya is a global leadership development firm dedicated to the enhancement of human potential through a transformational coaching process. Coacharya’s approach combines Western psychological and neurobiological models with Eastern philosophy, focusing on ethical leadership, in both our coaching and in training future coaches. In addition to accredited programmes, Coacharya brings coaching skills and the benefits that come with them to people across all cultures, geographies, and backgrounds via our online educational platform and free webinars.

‘We’re incredibly grateful to EMCC and to our global coaching community for all their support. We’re excited to continue building Coacharya from its India roots into an international coaching alliance that brings coaching benefits to people across cultures and backgrounds. Thank you EMCC for this recognition and for supporting our work and the contribution of our coaching community. We’re truly honoured.’ Magda Walczak, Coacharya CEO.

Henley Centre for Coaching

Awarded for their range of activities, their triple accreditation for their programmes, their excellent record in research and writing, and the way they are increasingly taking their programmes across the world.

Part of Henley Business School, the Henley Centre for Coaching is a vibrant learning community where coaches network, collaborate, share ideas, and develop new thinking in coaching. Since becoming the first triple-accredited Business School to introduce coaching accreditation back in 2004, over 2,000 managers have completed or are completing a Henley coaching programme, including the Henley Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching, the Henley Professional Certificate in Supervision, and the Henley MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change. In addition to programmes, membership of the Coaching Centre allows coaches to continue their professional development, with a range of masterclasses, conferences, supervision, and webinars. Henley is also home to the National Coaching Resources Centre, a depository for all English- speaking coaching, mentoring, and supervision-related materials, from the latest coaching books to archive material, videos, recordings, and ejournals.

‘We are delighted to receive this award from the EMCC which recognises the high standard of teaching and quality of the learning experience that we offer at the Henley Centre for Coaching. This is a testament to the all of the hard work carried out by our staff and faculty in creating a vibrant learning community where coaches can network, collaborate, share ideas and develop new thinking in coaching. Our focus on personal development has always been at the very heart of what we do here at Henley and what makes us different is that we give our coaches valuable time for reflection and to practice their new coaching skills. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative projects and world class research to showcase our standing as a leading coaching centre and we ensure that this is embedded in all of our programmes. To have our programme recognised in this way by the EMCC is a very significant achievement and honour for all of us here.’ Professor Jonathan Passmore, Director of The Henley Centre for Coaching at Henley Business School.


Societe Generale

Awarded for their effective, well organised, top-down programme in a busy world, with impressive well- document results and the way they partner with the organisations they worked with.

Founded in 1864 ‘to promote the development of trade and industry in France’, Societe Generale is today one of the leading European financial services groups. Based on a diversified and integrated banking model, the Group combines financial strength and proven expertise in innovation with a strategy of sustainable growth, aiming to be the trusted partner for its clients, committed to the positive transformations of society and the economy. Our blended, holistic coaching programme (OptiME) was designed to increase participants’ self-awareness to become the best possible leader of self, others, and the community. It also complements our existing coaching offer embedded within our organisation. Independently reviewed by Birkbeck University, the programme delivered extraordinary results in exceeding participants’ expectations; by developing greater openness and a deep level of trust in sharing personal insights and vulnerabilities in coaching conversations and more broadly across the cohort, individuals increased their understanding of behaviours and clarity on goals and initiated positive change to be their best selves. Participants believe the organisation benefits by having more self-aware, empathic, energised leaders aligned to their values, leading to increased motivation and engagement and a more human workplace. Their improved awareness of wellbeing and work life balance will trigger a significant cultural and behavioural shift and deliver a lasting legacy for themselves, the organisation, their teams, and their communities.

‘We were thrilled to hear we’d won this award for Coaching from such a prestigious organisation as the EMCC, particularly as SG is a European Bank and the EMCC’s ambition is to promote good coaching practice across Europe and beyond. We’d like to thank the EMCC for its recognition and those involved who contributed to our success.’ Ben Higgins, Managing Director, Director, Head of Human Resources (UK and Ireland)

Christina Demetriades

Awarded for her excellent work as a coach, reflected in the glowing references from a range of clients, and for her willingness to go the extra mile and her commitment to her own ongoing learning and development.

Christina empowers and motivates people for conscious, meaningful, fulfilling living, guiding her clients in developing leadership skills toward personal and professional self-actualisation. As a Personal Leadership coach and trainer, her motto is ‘Lead your life; lead your career; lead your community’. For many years now, Christina has been volunteering and offering pro bono services to various entities in Civil Society, both in Cyprus and globally. After nearly a decade of working as a Coach, she has recently taken up Coaching Supervision, aiming to offer sound support to Colleagues while developing further professionally. Christina loves to facilitate positive transformation through personal and professional development. She works one-to-one and in groups, offering workshops and training programmes to diverse groups of people, in collaboration with private corporations, governmental and non-governmental organisations. Christina holds a degree in Philosophy (1st Class Honours, University of Bristol, UK), Master’s degrees in International Relations (London School of Economics and Political Science) and in Guidance (University of West of England, Bristol, UK), as well as a professional qualification in Careers Guidance (Career Development Institute), most of which she gained on merit-based scholarships. She is also certified as a Trainer by the European Commission. Christina currently serves as the President of EMCC Cyprus.

‘I feel humbled and elated to be a recipient of the EMCC 2019 Global Coaching Award! I am grateful to my amazing clients and to EMCC for offering this opportunity. Thank you!’. Christina Demetriades.

Dr Paras

Awarded for the depth and breadth of the work he does, and the impact and contribution he is making. In particular his not-for-profit work, making a real difference to people’s lives, reflected through his setting up of Tavamitram to provide group coaching to underprivileged people and his ability to engage younger people through coaching.

Dr Paras is a life leadership coach and the founder of Matrrix, with a PhD in Organisational Behaviour, he holds numerous international certifications in the areas of coaching and development and his work spans over 16 years in this hugely popular field. He is passionate about pushing the envelope in the areas of coaching to bring a phenomenal change in thought patterns, feelings, and actions of individuals, and groups. He is regularly involved in maximizing an individual’s performance to achieve goals and is actively focused on raising the bar of coaching in India, USA, UK, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Jordan, etc. His approach towards coaching has primarily been infused with innovation while working on the core competencies of individuals. He has extended his passion for coaching to begin a not-for-profit, Tava-Mitram (Your friend), for the less fortunate. He offers free group coaching for those unable to rebuild their lives due to a lack of resources. He believes the mind is the greatest tool and uses coaching, mentoring, coach supervision as well as training to impart his extensive knowledge to people. Dr Paras has developed several coaching programmes which are a part of his Signature Series that are tailored to address the modern-day corporate challenges. He is an EMCC accredited coach at Master Practitioner level and has recently been accredited by EMCC as a Coach Supervisor.

‘I am elated to receive this award from EMCC, and I am grateful to all those who have been a part of my journey so far. It’s been over 16 years of offering professional coaching and training services on a global level and I am glad EMCC has set the best practice in the areas of mentoring, coaching, and coach supervision. EMCC opened up new doors for me and has constantly inspired me to raise the bar. I’d like to thank all my Mentors and Supervisors who have offered their wisdom that helped me grow, and I thank the EMCC Global board for creating a space for growth opportunities for many coaches, supervisors, and mentors across nations and blending with local cultures while creating a difference in the lives of people.’ Dr Paras.

Nigel Cumberland

Awarded for his inspirational work to bring coaching to areas where coaching is more rare and using it, often pro bono, to help leaders working to bring people out of poverty.

Nigel is the co-founder of The Silk Road Partnership and he has provided executive coaching and mentoring to some of the world’s leading organisations including the World Bank Group, United Nations, Standard Chartered Bank, Dell, Google, Continental AG, the Dubai Government, and LVMH. He works globally and has lived in South & Central America, Central & Eastern Europe, and Asia. A Founding Fellow of the Harvard affiliated Institute of Coaching and accredited by EMCC at Master Practitioner level, Nigel is the author of best-selling self-help and leadership books, available in over 20 languages, the most recent of which is 100 Things Successful Leaders Do: Little Lessons in Leadership (Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2020). Within the EMCC, he led in the introduction of the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches, Mentors, and Supervisors and is currently leading an EMCC global mentoring review as well as being an EMCC Asia Pacific Region Ambassador. He is very active in the voluntary sector as well as sitting on various boards and was also made a Freeman of the City of London, giving him some unusual rights including being able to take sheep across London Bridge (something he plans to do for the first time this autumn!).

‘I am humbled and honoured by this unexpected award, and a big thanks to those who nominated me. I love spreading the word about the benefits of coaching both within our profession, through my books, and in my leadership work, which has often taken me to places in desperate need of our expertise, such as Armenia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal, Pakistan, and Yemen, where coaching and mentoring are almost unheard of, but their potential impact on society, quality of life, leadership, and governance is truly immense. As coaches and mentors, we owe it to humanity to spread ourselves far and wide to help alleviate suffering and poverty in the face of so many challenges, including climate change.’ Nigel Cumberland.

About EMCC

The EMCC is a global coaching, mentoring, and supervision association established in 1992. EMCC is made up of Affiliated Countries in Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and the Asia Pacific Region. We have over 6,000 members across more than 70 countries world-wide.


EMCC exists to develop, promote, and set the expectation of best practice globally in mentoring, coaching, and supervision. Our vision is to be the ‘go to’ body in mentoring, coaching, and supervision.

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Details of previous award winners


Nishmita D'Souza
Nishmita D'Souza


Nishmita D'Souza is Marketing Coordinator at Coacharya. She is a firm believer that the key to development is education and awareness. She is also an illustrator by hobby. Follow her on Instagram using the handle:

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