All Roads Lead to Self Discovery


Jul 23, 2021

Ever thought about how one can bring ancient philosophy into the world of coaching? Well, in this week’s webinar, Tracy Brown, Komal Smriti, and Vanessa Rimando come together to discuss the practical applications of these ancient philosophies in their own work and specific paths to coaching. The goal for this webinar is to discuss how we bring these philosophies into the world of Self Discovery at Coacharya.

Other topics discussed in this webinar include-

  • The panelists and their journeys 
  • Work, Wellness and Unconditional Positive Regards for Self
  • Self and Systems around us
  • Work-life balance or integration?
  • Ego – Importance
  • Create your future program
  • Ancient Philosophies in the space of coaching
  • Beyond Mindfulness Program



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