The Basics of Systemic Coaching

Nishmita D'Souza  •  Aug 12, 2019  •  3 min read

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The Basics of Systemic Coaching

Systemic Coaching has become an increasing trend in the world of coaching. Why? Because it maximizes organizational performance while celebrating an individual’s uniqueness. Here’s a short explanation on what systemic coaching is and its importance.

Traditionally, coaching addresses the whole of a client. So, when various members are being coached within an organization, they are all being coached as individuals who happen to be a part of the same organization. Each of them is being coached to reach their own personal goals.

While this approach has proved to catalyze the performance growth of individuals, each of these individuals is of a bigger whole – the organization. So, to bring about a synergistic growth, a systemic coaching approach would be far more promising. This is because it ensures the alignment of individual goals to organizational goals. 

Systemic Coaching helps individuals and teams see how working towards small personal goals contributes towards larger organizational goals and vice-versa. This fosters a sense of belonging and clarity in direction.

In summary, Systemic Coaching is coaching individuals and teams of such individuals in an organization in alignment with the organizational goals.

A Comparison Between Traditional Coaching & Systemic Coaching

  • Traditional Coaching helps individuals make behavioural shifts to achieve personal goals. Systemic Coaching helps individuals and teams align personal goals with organizational goals.   
  • Traditional Coaching addresses each member as an individual. Systemic Coaching addresses each individual as a unique part of a whole.
  • Traditional Coaching concerns itself with individuals and their response to the ecosystem they exist in. Systemic Coaching concerns itself with maximizing the contribution to all stakeholders of the organization.

The Benefits of Systemic Coaching

  •   Systemic Coaching addresses the needs at all 3 levels – individuals, teams and the organization. It is coaching on a microscopic and  macroscopic level.
  •   System Coaching helps increase organisation performance in a cost and time efficient way.
  •  Systemic Coaching helps address the issues of the VUCA world in real time.

In essence, systemic coaching is a far more promising approach to coaching organisations. It is the present need.  

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