Applying Systemic Coaching in Organizations

Feb 11, 2022

Every organisation is experiencing or has experienced massive changes in recent years. The pandemic has been the major catalyst to these changes. How do we as coaches and leaders adapt to these changes?

The systemic approach is one of the ways of adapting to these changes. Looking through the systemic lens can make a world of difference. This brings about readiness in terms of skills and thinking, leading to happiness & satisfaction at work.

Learn About

  • What is systemic coaching?
  • Systemic approach
  • How do the system & individuals benefit each other
  • Organisations today & how does systemic coaching help?
  • Applying systemic coaching in a corporate setting
  • The larger system of stakeholders in systemic coaching.
  • The readiness in terms of skills, approach & thinking
  • Authentic happiness
  • Looking through the systemic lens

Webinar: Cultivating Courage through Coaching

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Denz Jacob
Denz Jacob


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