Cultural Transformation Using Barrett’s Levels of Consciousness Tools

Feb 19, 2020

Studies show that only 26 to 33% of the change management/ organizational transformation initiatives are successful.

Organization Culture is more about how people behave when no one is looking. This is because it is what happens ‘behind the scenes’ in the day-to-day lives of organizations and employees that make up culture. The greater the difference between the two, the lesser is employee morale and job satisfaction resulting in reduced commitment and low performance.

In today’s VUCA world, organizations who’ll survive and thrive will be ones whose culture is systematically managed and not left on auto-pilot. In this session, you will learn about ‘Systemic Ways of Transforming Organizational Culture” right from measuring by creating awareness to inspiring action and continually improving through systemic coaching. This is based on the Consciousness Level Models and Tools from Graves / Barrett’s model.

Our panelists will share their experiences of using these models in their coaching various organizations.

To learn more about Barrett’s Tools see:

About The Speaker:

Dharmesh, who is currently on his PCC journey with Coacharya enjoys analyzing group behavior transitions, and various culture/ religion changes over time. He is passionate about ‘Building Value-Driven Organizations’ through coaching and mentoring leaders and teams at all levels.

Dharmesh is a Transformation Agent guiding organization culture towards lean and agile principles to bring about happiness to one and all. He has successfully transformed various groups to Agile culture in multiple large organizations resulting in improved customer satisfaction, employee motivation and reducing the time-to-market.

With a global software industry experience of 25+ years across the major domains, he has played various roles before moving into full-time Agile Coaching. It has now been 7+ years working with teams and more importantly, leadership teams to bring about sustainable transformation.

Dharmesh is also an ardent follower of ‘Pranahuti Aided Meditation’ for more than 15 years – transforming individual consciousness to be in tune with universal consciousness.

Smita Raghum
Smita Raghum


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