Coach Responsiveness to Clients

Feb 25, 2022

Coach Responsiveness To Clients “In order to be effective, be responsive. In order to be responsive, listen.”

– Sharon Weil

The essence of Mastery lies in how we respond to the complexities of the client in a way that honours, respects, and partners with the client to refocus on ‘small pieces at a time, aligned to the larger goal or purpose. How do we do this? How do we pick up what’s important for the client? How do we partner with them? In this session, Cindy moderates a Master Coach panel including, Ram, Pranav and Jerry, who share their practices and models in cultivating responsiveness to clients.

Learn About:

  • Responsiveness to clients
  • Partnering with clients
  • What do we pick up from what the client shares?
  • How do we pick up the unsaid?
  • Exploration from the not-knowing space
  • Connecting with the client and being authentic and empathetic

Webinar: Coach Responsiveness to Clients

Like to listen instead? We have a podcast!

This session is also available as audio-only on our podcast. Listen below or find Coach to Lead wherever you listen to podcasts.

Denz Jacob
Denz Jacob


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