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Mar 24, 2020

Did you know Coacharya provides corporate programs and private coach training for groups within companies? With companies all around the world learning the ropes of working remotely, I thought this was a good time to tell you a little bit about programs for corporates.

Everything described on this page is delivered virtually, globally. In fact, we’ve been running virtual programs for years and most of the people we have trained did so virtually. You can learn a bit more about virtual learning with us here.

How does a customised systemic coach training in your company differ from a standard public one?

  • Leadership studies show that major corporate pain points are around lack of co-creation and collaboration amongst leadership members and lack of open multiway communication with those below, leaving the organisation confused and disengaged.
  • We discuss with you your pain points and how you may like to address them to co-create a culture your organization desires, based on which we collaborate and co-create a customized leadership training program based on coaching competencies.
  • The coach training program is more than training your leaders as coaches to coaching credentials; it will help these leaders build teams amongst themselves and those around them, aligning individual leaders with their teams towards fulfilment of organizational objectives.
  • We deliver this in modes and time schedules that are flexible and convenient to you
  • We can also train some of the leaders as trainers in future in-house training programs, using Coacharya learning system.


Coach training within your company

Coach training programs are all about growing self-awareness and developing skills as coaches and leaders. In fact, all the coaching competencies covered in such a program translate directly to leadership skills. So while the robust training we offer is great for those who want to become independent coaches, it’s also incredibly valuable to leaders within organizations. Gaining and applying coaching skills to your management style and team leadership leads to psychologically safe, higher-performing teams.

All the coach training programs we offer to individuals around the world can be offered to a group within your organization, virtually. Our approach is learner-centric and highly experiential. You’ll learn the theories, but more importantly, you’ll put them to use through practice, role-play and reflection.

coach training programs ACC PCC MCC EMCC BCC

Coaching Foundation

This 60-hour program focuses on coaching competencies. Upon completion, participants are eligible to apply for the ACC credential from ICF, if they wish. When we do corporate coach training programs, participant motivation and company motivation may not be to train people to credentials. As an accredited institution, however, all our participants can get coaching credentials if they want (and once they fulfill all requirements from ICF).

Depending on the organizational goals (and how coaching relates to them), the curriculum of this program can be customized to address those goals. Coacharya has over 800 hours of content accredited with ICF, which means that we have flexibility in what we deliver in a corporate program.

Advanced Coaching

After completion of Coaching Foundation, many learners go on to the 65 Advanced Coaching program. Together, the two form the full ACTP program, which qualifies for PCC from ICF, SP from EMCC and BCC from CCE coaching credentials. Companies wishing to build coaching practice within their organization should consider this program in addition to Coaching Foundation, as it builds robust coaching skills, introduces a breath of tools, techniques and models, and gives the group and the trainer more scope for customizing the content and addressing any organizational goals or challenges. It’s especially recommended for organizations wanting to train internal coaches for whom coaching is the focus of their role (vs a part of their role, as it could be for a line manager or department head).

Train the trainer to scale coaching in your company

While growing coaching skills across your company is a noble goal, it can be an expensive one once you realize how many people can benefit from it. To help companies scale coaching affordably, we offer a train the trainer program as part of our corporate packages.

If you hire Coacharya to deliver a private coach training program for 12 or more people, we can extend that program at no extra charge to train participants to train others inside your org. This means that once these trained participants got their PCC credential, they will be able to run cohorts inside your company with Coacharya’s support, at a royalty for all future learners. Everyone who participates will get access to our online materials and other alumni benefits. Trainers will be invited to any future programs that our other associates attend, and they will get the same support that other associates receive.

The one caveat is that the mentoring portion of coach training (10 hours) must be done by a seasoned coach who renewed their credential at least once (this is ICF’s regulation). So at the start, Coacharya would provide appropriate mentor coaches until you have coaches who meet the criteria internally.

Short programs with focus on specific skills and applications

If coach training (or coaching skills training) isn’t the best fit, we also offer customized short programs along two paths: competencies and applications. Depending on the goals of the training program, participant background and number, and desired length of the program, these short courses can count as continuing education credits.

  • Competencies such as: communication/listening, executive presence/psychological safety, cocreating intent/action orientation, awareness creation, emotional intelligence, leadership competencies, etc.
  • Applications of these skill sets in work and life such as: people engagement, team building, systemic alignment of individuals to organisations, management of emotions such as anger, grief, etc., confidence building, public speaking, relationship building, conflict resolution, and multiple such day to day issues that disempower, using coaching framework and skill sets.

Systemic coaching, team coaching and one-on-one coaching

Finally, we offer coaching programs for groups and individuals to address specific needs and goals. As one of the top trainers of Master-level coaches, we have 30+ MCC’s who can work with the highest level executive coaches or lead group interventions using our SPEED process.

Let us know how we can help

Interested in running a project in your organization? Click on the chat icon on the lower right of your screen and leave your email and and a message when prompted. Or if you don’t see that for some reason, please us the contact form to get in touch. Either way, we’d be happy to help and submit a proposal for your consideration.

Smita Raghum
Smita Raghum


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