5 Coaching Frameworks to Rev Up Your Coaching

Ram Ramanathan  •  Jan 21, 2021  •  4 min read

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5 Coaching Frameworks to Rev Up Your Coaching

These 5 simple frameworks (or coaching models, if that’s what you prefer to call them) can enhance your coaching skills to mastery. Let us know what you think of them and which ones you think you’ll apply in 2021 in the comments.

Coacharya Mindless 3A Model

  • The 3A Aware Act Anchor coaching framework is the foundation of all learning, including through coaching. Most of our disempowering actions, however much we may wish to believe otherwise, arise from the unaware unconscious limitations of conditioned beliefs. The first step in learning is to create awareness in oneself and then in others. 
  • The second step is to help co-create actions to implement that conscious awareness.
  • The third, and often the most neglected, is to reinforce that action through continued practice and learning to embed and anchor in the conscious mind, as a new empowering habit.  Visualization is a powerful aid to action learning.
  • Mindfulness is made to be believed to the highest form of awareness. It is not. Mindfulness is one of sensory awareness, as opposed to unawareness, and is a necessary first step to awareness creation. To reach higher levels of non-sensory mindless awareness one needs to disengage from the sensory subjectivity to a disengaged witnessing mode. This must be the coach’s mindset. 

Coacharya 3C process of Contracting

Coacharya Double Hourglass Coaching Model

The double hourglass model is perhaps the simplest to help understand the coaching process, framework and competencies. This model aligns with Coacharya 3A Model of Awareness-Action-Anchoring, Coacharya 3C process of Contracting-Communicating-Concluding; GROW model and the ICF framework of competencies.

  • The first bulb of the hourglass corresponds to the Contracting, Goal and Reality of GROW model, leading to Awareness creation and works with the first 7 competencies in the ICF framework.
  • The second bulb corresponds to Communicating, Options of GROW model, creating Awareness, and covering all 8 of ICF competency framework model. 
  • The last bulb corresponds to Concluding, W of GROW model, initiating Action and Anchoring and covering the last 2 competencies of ICF framework. 

As a simple visual mnemonic, this is a good way to align one’s coaching process.

LASI: Listen Acknowledge Share Inquire

LASI is the simplest framework to help build trust, presence, listening, questioning and awareness creation in coaching 

  • Listen & Observe both verbal and nonverbal cues of the client, speak in the mode of curious, empathetic and generative listening with unconditional positive client centricity.
  • Acknowledge & Appreciate by conveying the essence of what the client says succinctly, in the client’s words, especially those relating to emotional energy in words, voice & body
  • Sense & Share what you as a coach feel, intuitively, non-judgmentally, mindlessly with no ownership to support the client
  • Inquire & Explore the mindset of the client, curiously, without leading, not knowing, within the context of what the client has said and what you shared, using as much as possible client words.
  • Use the SET process of inquiring into body sensations, emotional feelings associated with the sensations and cognitive thoughts to establish how the client wants to shift from a disempowering negative state of current reality to an empowered positive outcome.
  • This process encompasses all coaching competencies without having to resort to ‘powerful’ questions and models.


Practice these 3 frameworks on yourself, every day if possible. 

  • Review the day’s events, asking yourself what could I have done differently, in order to empower myself and others? How could I have served better to be my better self?
  • Ask yourself ‘What does the universe want me to be a few months from now, a year from now as my better self?’
  • Use the caching framework to become that ‘better self’.

Only then can you help others become their better self.

Start today if you wish to be a master coach.

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