Coaching in Energy

Apr 13, 2023

I wonder how much more we need to evolve spiritually to replace Presence with Energy as a coaching competency. As energy beings, we can radiate presence, while at the same time relating, communicating, healing, and leading as coaches.

Quantum science discovered and proved the Vedic spiritual wisdom that all created beings of the universe are not merely material beings, but energy beings at their core. While most animals realise this truth in the way they act, human beings seem to ignore our energy being based on the delusion of our ego. We falsely believe that we have all the solutions, and control all that happens around us. Fortunately, we do not even control the reality of whether we will live till tomorrow. Our breath, the sign of our energized living, is not ours to control.

One need not believe in the concept of chakra, energy centers, to realise that our sensations, emotions, and thoughts are energies. These arise from neural activity, which is an electrical discharge. If we believe we are the creators of this energy, and that we are who we are based on how we think, scientific wisdom has bypassed us. The essence of Quantum science is that the underlying energy of our material casing is the driver of our lives. We sense, emote, think, and act based on our energy levels. It is critical to understand how we can keep our energy levels positive and high to add value to our lives and the lives of others.

The bridge between how we sense, emote and think internally and how we act externally in a productive manner is the way we relate and communicate with other beings systemically and spiritually. Emotional intelligence is a critical factor in building this bridge. This in turn presupposes our awareness of how we sense, emote, and think, and then how to use that awareness in our societal interactions in work and life.

Emotional intelligence requires stillness of mind. To empathize with oneself and others, we need to switch off ego, bias, and judgment. This in turn requires us to dissolve the baggage of conditioned memories and beliefs we carry. These are data that deplete our energy, as over-storage causes a computer to hang. The simplest way to recharge one’s energy is to re-live one’s negative energy experiences and relieve them.

Try this the next time you feel uncomfortable, depressed, insecure, and unloved. My exploration as a coach with those who come to me with feelings of inadequacy is, ‘Do you love yourself?’ Invariably, the answer is a hesitant no. I then ask them to experience this feeling of inadequacy, invalidation, insecurity, or being unloved, or whatever the label is, in their body. With most, it takes less than an hour to dissolve the negative energy and anchor positive energy.

Go inwards the next time you feel low. What do you sense and experience in your body? Describe it to yourself as a physical entity with shape, form, granularity, color, etc. From time to time, inhale deeply and then exhale forcefully a couple of times. You will feel the negativity reducing. The shape, granularity, and color of what you experience will change.

Simple somatic processes like this need to be part of coach training. These are energy psychology. Many techniques of Gestalt and NLP are built around this philosophy and work. Visualisation, another powerful coaching and healing technique is energy work.

I have been writing on Coaching the Spirit for a while now. It can also be called Coaching the Energy or Coaching in Energy. There is no difference. Coaching the energy is healing. It is the key to wellness and well-being. We plan to start a few programs on this theme.

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Ram Ramanathan, MCC
Ram Ramanathan, MCC


Ram is the Founder and a Principal at Coacharya. As the resident Master and mentor coach, Ram oversees and conducts all aspects of coaching and training services offered under the Coacharya banner.

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