Company Culture At Mercedes-Benz

Jul 18, 2022

Change is constant and nothing we do can stop it. Instead, we can redefine our ways and methods in order to address change. In this week’s webinar, the CEO and VP-HR of Mercedes Benz Research and Development, Manu Saale and Mahesh Medhekar join Ram, Smita, and Ujjaval to discuss the changes they have brought in their corporate culture and the directional shift in business operations post the pandemic.

One of the focal points of the conversation was a leader’s ability to employ coaching competencies in their day-to-day lives, and how it can pave the way for inculcating a systemic approach in coaching.

Further in the webinar, Mahesh explains how a systemic approach can help you build better team chemistry–it helps bond the individuals together, increasing their trust and morale as a group. This also brings our attention to the fact that coaching competencies can be used in our daily lives, not just within corporate structures.

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Webinar: Company Culture At Mercedes-Benz

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Denz Jacob
Denz Jacob


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