Developing Systemic Relationships in Organizations

Mar 25, 2022

“Every company has two organizational structures. The formal one is written on the charts; the other is the everyday relationship of the men and women in the organization.” – Harold S. Geneen

In the age of the pandemic and The Great Resignation, the workplace has become a rapidly changing environment. Employees at every level are strongly re-evaluating their quality of life and looking at their jobs through a fresh perspective.

“Am I being treated well and being given the right opportunities?”

“Do I truly enjoy the work culture that I am part of?” “Is the work I am doing meaningful?”

It’s more important than ever now for organizations to consider ways to retain their employees and keep things running and growing.

How can organizations continue to develop meaningful, systemic relationships with employees? And how will good relationships with and between employees lead to better performance?

Learn about:

  • Change in relationships in the workplace
  • Skills people need in the changing dynamics of the workplace
  • Nonviolent communication Marshall Rosenberg
  • What do we need more off
  • Coaching approach in the workspace
  • How can an employee bring awareness to the manager

Webinar: Developing Systemic Relationships in Organizations

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Neha Sinha
Neha Sinha


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