Eastern Philosophy and Spirituality in Coaching

Nov 28, 2022

When we think of coaching we often associate it with the west, with the different models and theories that formed the foundation of coaching. But on deeper inspection, we find that all the practices were in some way influenced by the practices of eastern traditions.

In this week’s webinar, Komal and Cindy talk about the role of the Ancient philosophies of Daoism, Buddhism etc. play in coaching. They discuss and explore how different competencies align with the ancient teachings and how learning about them, and practising them can help you improve your coaching practice.

Learn about:

  • How to use eastern philosophy in coaching
  • Komal shares how she learned about eastern philosophy
  • Ancient philosophy’s role in coaching
  • Reframing through ancient traditions and understanding the philosophies
  • Importance of working on ourselves as a coach
  • The levels of awareness

Webinar: Eastern Philosophy and Spirituality in Coaching

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Denz Jacob
Denz Jacob


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