Jan 17, 2020

Enneagram is a model of the human psyche using nine interconnected personality types. These are quite different from other Jungian personality measurements such as MBTI, or psychometrics which often present binary views. Enneagram, in contrast, provides an interconnected and holistic representation of who we are and who we can become.  Some view it as a tool for spiritual development. There has been an increasing trend of coaches using Enneagram to enhance their own awareness and in turn clients’.

Dr. Suman Nair has studied Enneagram as a coaching tool. In this webinar she explains the various components of enneagram and illustrates how it can be used in coaching. Learn more about Dr. Nair on LinkedIn.

Some of the following slides were used during the webinar, but there are many more here, outlining the various things that Dr. Nair touched on. It may be useful to follow the slides as you watch the video or to refer to them later.

Smita Raghum
Smita Raghum


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