Evoking Awareness

Feb 18, 2022

“Awareness is like the sun.
When it shines on things, they are transformed.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

One of the primary reasons we want to become coaches is to help people. But when we start coach training, we realize that coaching is not about helping coachees in the traditional sense of providing answers or guidance.

When we coach, we are empowering the coachees to help themselves.

But how can we help someone without leading them to answers?
How can we help them become aware of their own behaviours, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings?
How can we help untangle the knots?
How can we hone in on our own awareness to evoke awareness in others?

We as coaches believe our clients have all the answers. These answers can only come forth when there’s awareness. But what blocks this awareness? How can we coaches, partner with our clients to bring this awareness to our clients?

Neha along with our power-packed panel of coaches including Praki, Komal, Cindy, and Smita take us on a thought-provoking eye-opening conversation doing exactly that.

Learn about:

  • What causes the blocks in awareness
  • How questions help in evoking awareness
  • Neurological levels of thinking and working with them
  • How coaches level of awareness is implicit in building awareness in the client
  • The role of silence
  • How do we know we are not leading the client?
  • Sharing not leading
  • How do we use evoking awareness in the workspace?

Webinar: Evoking Awareness

Like to listen instead? We have a podcast!

This session is also available as audio-only on our podcast. Listen below or find Coach to Lead wherever you listen to podcasts.

Denz Jacob
Denz Jacob


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