Exploring Values and Beliefs in Coaching

Shanaia  •  Mar 26, 2021  •  2 min read

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Exploring Values and Beliefs in Coaching

What does the term “value” mean to you? What are your values and what are some of your beliefs? Well, this is what this webinar is all about! In this thought-provoking session, our panelists take a deep dive into one’s self, clients, and others about their values and beliefs. They discuss how bringing about a deeper awareness while coaching can help redefine new ways of being and doing things that are more meaningful and resourceful to us.

Other topics discussed in this webinar were:

  • What do values mean to you?
  • How to coach around values and beliefs?
  • Tools to use for values
  • Different types of values
  • How to raise the question of values and beliefs to your clients?
  • Beliefs
  • Values aligned with core competencies

This webinar also included a Q & A session. Watch the full video on our Youtube Channel.

Webinar on Exploring Values and Beliefs in Coaching

Podcast on Exploring Values and Beliefs in Coaching

The session is also available as a podcast. Look for Coacharya on your podcasting app, or listen below in your browser now.




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