Healing Takes Time – Masters in Coaching Webinar

Sep 30, 2022

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.

                                                                                     -Helen Keller

When going through an upheaval, when one judges themselves too harshly, what would your voice of compassion say to you? This question was a pivotal moment during the live coaching demo for the Masters in Coaching Webinar this week.

We had the opportunity to see MCC Coach Rachel Dungan coach her client through the negative mental chatter that the coachee was experiencing.

How does one’s healing journey begin?

A calm, collected, and centred conversation – sometimes, that’s all it takes. 

What sets apart a Master coach is the natural way that they interact with their clients.  The rapport and compassion with which Rachel posed the questions, the patience in how Rachel listened to Julie, and the client’s openness and vulnerability were striking.

After the initial check-in, when Rachel asked how and where the client would like to start and the things she would like to explore, Julie took her time to collect her thoughts and answer the coach. The pauses and the silence had a deep sense of calmness about them and it was astonishing to see how despite being off-camera, we could easily sense the two connecting deeply.

Are safe spaces the answer?

In short, yes. Safe spaces allow a person to let their guard down, to open up, and really put themselves out there. Isn’t that essentially the core of healing?

The audience also resonated well with the discussion. “Finding the pauses, and pacing of the conversation so containing,” said one of the participants about the live demo.

So when Julie talked about the voices of judgment arising within her, Rachel, with utmost care and empathy asked what she was thinking and feeling. Julie, the client, considered the question and replied, “Healing takes time.” It’s essential to have faith in oneself and to trust the process. “Trusting the process, even though I can’t see it. Knowing that things will work out and knowing that at a deeper level.”

My Takeaway

What this conversation really made me understand is that it is okay to reflect on the question asked and take your time in answering. Pauses and silences sometimes convey emotions at a much deeper level than the use of words.

Just opening up and acknowledging the self-judgment that so many of us experience every now and then and speaking about it honestly was beautiful to hear and witness. It makes you feel a lot more at home within yourself.

This live coaching demonstration gave an insight into how a simple check-in and the feeling of psychological safety within a trusted space can go a long way in bringing peace and putting self-judgment to rest.

I encourage you to listen to this session and explore these safe spaces and how they unfold.

Webinar: Masters of Coaching – Live Coaching Session

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Yamini Kandpal
Yamini Kandpal


Yamini Kandpal works as a Content Specialist at Coacharya. With a background in writing and editing as part of journalism, she has found her own corner in the stories of the coaching world. While away from work, you can find her traveling or scribbling her musings in a notebook.

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