How Do Coaches Drive A Sustainability Conversation In Leadership?


Sep 16, 2022

The following article is a reflection on this week’s webinar, “How do coaches drive a sustainability conversation in Leadership.” Please scroll down to watch the recording or listen to it on our podcast.

When I think of sustainability the first thing that comes to my mind is that there is a lot of harm that we are causing to our planet – the trees, the animals, and us through the selfish lifestyles that we’re leading. One of the biggest shifts in our lifestyle has been the emergence of a consumerist attitude. In most ways, this has defined the purpose of our existence. We have more than we need and what we have defines who we are in society. This of course has its ripple effects on all the species that live on our planet.

How does that make you feel? To me, it’s scary. Because it makes me wonder what the next 20-30 years will look like for our planet. As worrisome as it is, I think that this is a good realization because it makes me want to do something about it, in my own small way. I wonder if this thought emerges for many of you too. What does sustainability mean to you?

More often than not, we tend to think that change can only happen when driven at a policy level or at scale through leadership that can impact many. Inspired by this webinar, I learned that change can also be sparked by one person. The first step towards any change starts with the realisation of what needs to be done and I believe that it can only start with ourselves – you and I as individuals.

In the webinar, I was fascinated to learn about what comes in the way of this. Is it our ego? Is it our fear that one person alone cannot do enough or is it our lack of understanding and awareness of sustainability?

Whatever the answer, I think we have the power within us to overcome this internal hurdle and find a way forward.

What can I do to contribute towards sustainability?

It can be as simple as saying ‘No’ when commodities are offered to you in plastic bags. It can be as small as carrying your own cloth bag to run errands. It can be avoiding milk products that in any way promote animal cruelty. It can be turning vegan. We can start with just a conversation about this in our circles. There is always a small step one can take to start this journey and then of course levels you can move up to to make your impact bigger.

Isn’t it our responsibility to ensure that our grandkids don’t just have the money we are making but also enjoy the planet we are living in and all that it offers?

What role can we play as coaches or as the coaching community? 

Development and growth is a threat when the well-being of our planet is neglected. Making money and luxury will merely be a liability when you will hardly have enough oxygen to breathe. Not as coaches, but as humans, it all starts with us. And as coaches, we should be accountable for what we speak. As Ram says, ‘We should walk the talk’.

For me, the question is, can we start from the point where we are today? I think yes, because love, respect and care can enable sustainability. Vinitha Joseph, one of the attendees asked, “As coaches, can we bring in these elements into the space we hold as coaches at all times?”

I invite each of you to reflect on this question and let us know what comes up for you in the comments below.

Webinar: How Do Coaches Drive A Sustainability Conversation In Leadership?

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