International Coaching Week 2018 Webinar Recordings

May 14, 2018

Thank you to all our speakers, moderators and attendees of Coacharya’s International Coaching Week. Listeners joined from 42 countries! We hope that you found the sessions useful and inspirational and that you learned something new.

If you missed any of our distinguished speakers, you can catch up with the recordings of their sessions below. Over the next couple weeks, we will blog a summary of each session and include any slides or articles provided by the speaker. Please stay tuned to our blog to see those write ups, or look out for our next newsletter at the end of May for links.

This series of webinars is part of Coacharya Coaching Colloquium, a monthly webinar series where we welcome experts in their field for lectures, interviews and coaching demonstrations. You can see our schedule of events here.

PLEASE NOTE –> If you have trouble viewing any of the videos below, you can head to YouTube directly instead and view our International Coaching Week playlist here.

Transpersonal Coaching

Fiona Adamson

Your Personal Coaching Style

Cindy Muthukarapan

From Coach to Mentor

David Clutterbuck

Drive Disruption or be Outpaced

Janet Harvey

Global Trends in Executive Coaching

Brian Underhill

Remote and VR Coaching

David Tinker

Use of Self in the Coaching Conversation

Lise Lewis

ROI in Coaching

Lisa Ann Edwards


Building Coaching Cultures in Organizations

Hilary Oliver

Coaching Presence

Prashant Miranda and Janet Harvey

Leadership Coaching

Marshall Goldsmith

Thriving in Change

Kaitlin Reimann

Polarity in Coaching

Barry Johnson

Artificial Intelligence in Coaching

Matt Barney

Coaching Supervision

Damian Goldvarg

Leadership Team Coaching

Peter Hawkins


Smita Raghum
Smita Raghum


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