Lead for Change – A Conference For Those Who Lead and Coach

Dec 20, 2018

BANGALORE, December 20, 2018 — Over 280 coaches and other leadership professionals gathered at Taj Bangalore for the first inaugural Lead for Change conference. The event was put on by Coacharya, a global leadership development firm. It was sponsored by Manipal Academy of Higher Education and by Welingkar Education.

“When Coacharya started coach credential training programs in 2012, India had 3 International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified professional coaches,” Ram Ramanathan, Coacharya Founder, explained. “By 2018 Coacharya has trained over 600 coaches in India to ICF credentials, over 66% of coaches in India. Of these 25 are MCC master coaches. Coacharya mission of placing India on the international map of master coaches has happened.”

Today’s event is a continuation of Coacharya’s leadership education in India and globally. The 2018 Coach to Lead conference focused on Indian corporate need to “Lead for change” through efforts like:

  • Transforming corporate executive mentors to coach leaders
  • Creating a cultural shift in organizations with open communication and silo less collaboration leading to high performance  
  • Systemic coaching approach to align individuals and teams to organizational goals

About the Lead for Change Conference

This leadership conference has been designed to offer variety, vibrancy and value add to the delegates using multiple formats: dialogues, TED type talks, conversations, and large scale interactive process (LSIP). Full conference agenda and speaker profiles are available at https://coacharya.com/bangalore-2018/ .

Some of the topics covered were:

  • Developing leaders in the corporate context
  • Leadership evolution in the community
  • Contemporary coaching challenges
  • Role of leadership in institution building
  • Insights into LD from a broader context
  • Championing the coaching profession

Speakers included some of India’s top leaders and coaches:

  • Bhaskar Bhat — Managing Director,Titan Company & Board Member Tata Sons
  • Suresh Narayanan — Chairman & CEO, Nestle India
  • Nirmala Menon — Founder & CEO, Interweave Consulting
  • Leo Fernandez — CEO & Co-founder, Talent Ease
  • Dr. Vandana Nadig — Founder Director, Phicus Social Solutions
  • Dr. H. Vinod Bhat — Vice Chancellor, Manipal Academy of Higher Education
  • Dr. Uday Salunkhe — Group Director, Wellingkar Institutions
  • Steve Correa — Executive Coach and OD Consultant
  • Vishal Shah — Vice President Leadership Development, WIPRO
  • Anita Gupta — Co-founder & Managing Partner, My Persona
  • Sujith Somasundar — Former India Cricketer & MD, Starting Line Sports
  • Preeti D’Mello — Head of Leadership Development, TCS Ltd.
  • Cindy Muthukarapan — Master Coach and Mentor
  • Amrita Madiah — Director, Adobe India
  • Rosemary Viswanath — Managing Trustee, Group Relations India
  • Maria Clara Pinheiro — Global Fellowship Director, Ashoka
  • Ganesh Chella — Founder & Managing Director, Coaching Foundation of India
  • Ram Ramanathan — Mentor Coach & Founder, Coacharya
  • Harish Devarajan — Leadership Coach, People Unlimited

About Coacharya

Coacharya is a leadership development firm dedicated to the enhancement of human potential through a transformational coaching process. Coacharya combines Western psychological and neurobiological models with Eastern philosophy for a well-rounded participant experience, focusing on ethical leadership. Our ICF-accredited programs are used to help develop corporate cultures, build leadership and create sustainable company growth. Coacharya has certified over 500 executive coaches and worked with over 30 Fortune 100 companies.  

How Coacharya stands out:

  • Coacharya training programs cover every continent and every time zone.
  • Most of our trainers hold ICF MCC credentials, but every trainer holds at least an ICF PCC credential.
  • We offer both virtual and face-to-face training and coaching programs.
  • Coacharya is the only training institution accredited with all three coaching bodies: International Coach Federation (ICF), European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) and Center for Credentialing Education (CCE).
  • Our programs blend Eastern spiritual wisdom of Mindlessness with Western sciences of psychology, neurobiology and quantum science.
  • We provide extended coverage of Organizational Development approaches in addition to coaching competencies for a systemic, team-based leadership approach.
  • Our alumni enjoy lifelong support through free weekly webinars on continuous professional development.
  • We are proud to serve society at large – and the underprivileged in particular – through Coacharya’s Barefoot Leadership approach.
Smita Raghum
Smita Raghum


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