Live Coaching Using Enneagram

Oct 29, 2021

The Enneagram is a highly effective leadership tool that helps us understand and evoke greater compassion. It increases self-awareness and relational effectiveness leading to a more productive workspace. In this webinar, Dr Suman Nair does a short presentation explaining more about the Enneagram, and a live coaching session with Heather Guptha

We learn about:

  • Why should we use enneagram? how is it different from the other tools?
  • Role of  Enneagram in Coaching
  • Enneagram and its types
  • Brief about origins of Enneagram
  • How are the Enneagram types formed
  • Coaching session using Enneagram

Webinar: Live Coaching Using Enneagram

Like to listen instead? We have a podcast!

This session is also available as audio-only on our podcast. Listen below or find Coach to Lead wherever you listen to podcasts.

Denz Jacob
Denz Jacob


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