Difficult Conversations – webinar with Marcia Reynolds

Aug 17, 2017

On August 16 we had the pleasure of hosting Marcia Reynolds as speaker in our monthly Coacharya Coaching Colloquium series.

Marcia Reynolds (MCC), past chair ICF global board and present board member, spoke about coaching mastery and insights from her book The Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Turn Difficult Conversations into Breakthroughs. The book is a guide to practicing coaches, helping to deepen their ability of mastering the coaching process.

Marcia addressed such topics as whether discomfort meant uncertainty (no, not always), how to address unconscious intuitive feelings coach gets based on client statements (openly and appropriately with courage).

Her key takeaways for practicing coaches were:

  • What holds you back from mastery in coaching is fear to express what you may feel is discomforting to client. Don’t hold back. Your direct communication will help client insights borns through that discomfort.
  • Stay in presence with client through your heart and guts, not head. Even your emotional and energy expressions as a coach with no words could help client to transformational insights.

The webinar was recorded and is available for viewing online below.

Smita Raghum
Smita Raghum


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