Neuroscience Webinar Series

Apr 9, 2020

About the speakers:

Dr. Colleen Lightbody

Dr. Colleen Lightbody (and yes, that is her real surname, she didn’t make it up), is the  founder and Managing Director of Brainwise: Mastery Through Neuroscience. She is a respected, experienced and bold Coach, Trainer and Speaker; being invited to teach and  inspire in over 20 countries across the globe. Known as “The Brain Guru”, she speaks with authority in the fields of Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Learning, Transformational Coaching,  and Emotional Intelligence.

In between writing, motivating, designing workshops and mentoring, Colleen gathers  qualifications. A PhD in Philosophy, a Master’s Degree in Leadership, Honors in Clinical  Psychology and Postgraduate Diplomas and Certificates in Coaching and Neuroleadership, Addiction, Trauma, Grief and Crisis-counselling.

To make sure she doesn’t get bored, she is an avid cyclist, riding her bike almost every day  of her life, finishing hundreds of ultra-distance events and races. She has run marathons, completed many triathlons and 3 full Iron-Man challenges, climbed Kilimanjaro and Everest  Base Camp. Her two children call her Lioness Mom!

Tony Latimer

Tony is a Master Executive Coach, working globally with leaders in transition to develop their leadership skills and enhance business performance. Tony is one of the few coaches worldwide who have been examined and accredited by the International Coach Federation (the global independent professional body for coaching) as Master Certified Coach (MCC).

A naturalised Singapore citizen of British origin, his background includes 30 years in Leadership and Sales positions in Europe, Scandinavia and Asia-Pacific in Technology and Software companies. Always ready to challenge the unknown, Tony was the individual to “parachute into the dark” when companies were expanding.

As a professional coach, Tony leverages his extensive experience to challenge senior leaders and their teams to achieve astonishing results. His approach to coaching has an emphasis on results and incorporates a deep understanding of the individual’s personal context and who they are being as a leader. He has strong intuition and a powerful ability to help clients identify and remove self-limiting beliefs that may be holding them back.

Frequently described by his clients as “Gentle, and very firm”; a Global Director of one of the worlds largest mobile device manufacturers said “I chose Tony because I sensed he would push me hard. In our first session he cut through to my underlying issues that even I was not fully aware of.”

In this webinar series, we explore the concepts of Neuroscience and how the play into coaching.

Part 1

Part 2

Nishmita D'Souza
Nishmita D'Souza


Nishmita D'Souza is Marketing Coordinator at Coacharya. She is a firm believer that the key to development is education and awareness. She is also an illustrator by hobby. Follow her on Instagram using the handle:

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