New Webinar Series on Systemic Coaching

Apr 8, 2019

As of April 10, the topic we will focus on in the monthly Advanced webinar will be Systemic Coaching. We will likely stay on this topic through the rest of 2019. Please join Ram, Coacharya Founder and Master coach and his guests, for this monthly series on coaching.

Why Systemic Coaching?

Coacharya believes that Systemic Coaching will replace the traditional model of individual coaching for reasons of cost and performance value-add. Ram’s personal belief is that standalone, individual coaching serves little purpose when compared with what a systemic approach can do.

In this webinar series Ram will dialogue with experts in this field. Due to the depth of the topic, webinars will take up to 90 minutes (vs the usual 60).

Here are some topics we hope to cover:

– Introduction to Self, Team and Systems; Why is systemic different from system?
– EUM: Systemic Coaching approach; Ashok Malhotra in dialogue
– Systemic Leadership Team coaching as conceived by Peter Hawkins
– Team coaching as conceived by David Clutterbuck
– Theory U and Systems as conceive by Otto Scharmer
– Supervision in Systemic Coaching
– Transpersonal Systemic Coaching
– Spirituality in Systemic Coaching
– Business Applications of Systemic Coaching

Many of Ram’s guests in this webinar series will partner with Coacharya starting later this year in offering 30 hour virtual programs for credential hours. Watch this space!

PLEASE NOTE: Signing up for this webinar registers you for the entire series, which takes place on the second Wednesday of each month. You will receive reminders monthly even if you don’t plan to attend.


Smita Raghum
Smita Raghum


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