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Mar 26, 2020

In recent days, quite a few counselors in our community have let us know that they’re besieged with individual and corporate client requests. Although coaching is not counseling, it was born out of counseling. Coaching can be incredibly effective in times of crisis because it’s future-focused. It just so happens that we have thousands of coaches in our community – what can we do to help?

The lockdowns that most of us are experiencing are essential to slowing the pandemic and to saving lives. However, they play havoc with us psychologically. From boredom to anxiety and depression is a small step. What many of us need now when we cope with transitioning to the virtual world is a sense of sharing, support and community.

This is a time in our lives unlike any other, so let’s help in any way we can.

This is a call to action for our coaches to apply their skills and training to help others in this time of need.

Coacharya has created a marketplace where coaches can create listings for their various coaching services. This platform is free to use to the public. We’d like to utilize it to help people who need a coach find someone and for our community to offer their services for free.



  1. Go to, register for the site and confirm your email address.
  2. Click on “Add coach listing” on the upper right of the screen
  3. Select the category that best applies to you
  4. Add in all the relevant details of your listing, but most importantly select “Crisis Coaching” as the type of coaching offered in your listing.
  5. Be sure to set your fee to $0 for this listing.

Once we get a few dozen listings up, we’ll ask everyone to start sharing this portal with the public so that they can connect with available coaches. We don’t want to start sharing until there are enough coaches there offering services to meet demand from the public.

PAID WORK – You’re also welcome to create other listings for paid services. The platform is connected to a payment gateway so it’s easy to use for your day-to-day coaching services. You can set the price to $0 and negotiate later, or you can offer your normal hourly fee. It’s totally up to you.

PEER COACHING – If you like, you can also add another listing for peer coaching. Since other coaches will be using this platform, that’s perfectly OK. For peer coaching, you should also select $0 as your fee. (you’re still welcome to join the Coacharya-organized peer coaching. This is just a suggestion in addition to those sessions.)


  1. Go to, register for the site and confirm your email address.
  2. Browse the available listings and “request” any coach that you think you’d gel with.

Please note that this is a new initiative so there may not be too many listings yet. Please come back in a few days if you don’t find someone you want to work with.

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Smita Raghum
Smita Raghum


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