Silence, Pauses, and Reflection in Coaching


May 28, 2021

Have you ever wondered about silence in coaching? How important is it? How much silence is too much silence? When should I interrupt? Well, if these questions have ever crossed your mind, do watch our latest webinar where Priya Ramesh, Pranav Ramanathan, and Cindy Muthukarapan discuss the significance of silence and reflection.
This webinar also included a quick introduction to our upcoming support groups. For more information on that, click here.
Other topics discussed in this webinar were:
• What is Silence?
• Importance of silence
• Quiet Leadership by David Rock
• How is silence important as part of any conversation
• What is holding people back from offering space for the generative process to emerge from silence
• How much silence is too much silence
• Actual Execution of Silence (the birth order concept)
• Discomfort of Silence (Cindy’s life experience)
• David Rock’s Quiet Leadership – 4 phases model
This webinar also included a Q&A session

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