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Coacharya is proud to support our Alumnus, Rajat Garg, for the ICF Board. Elections for the ICF Board open on November 1, 2017 and we encourage all members eligible to vote to support Rajat as well.

Here’s a bit of background on Rajat, in his own words:

My name is Rajat Garg and I am a MCC level coach with rich experience in various roles in the corporate and coaching world. I have worked as a Vice President of Accenture in India and led their Technology Consulting Unit and Cisco Partnership with P&L responsibility. I have lived and worked across various countries, cultures and organizations. I have been a volunteer for ICF, including being a founding member of the ICF Bengaluru India charter chapter, PCC Assessor, Nomination Committee Member, Independent Review Board Member, PRISM panel judge and also run an ICF Ethics COP for India.

I love coaching and enjoy every moment of it. I have done research on coaching in India on “Psychee of a Coachee” and currently delving deeper into coaching as a Coach Supervisor. I like seeking patterns, looking at future possibilities and innovation. I thrive in collaborative and challenging environments and working across cultures. I can get people excited towards a cause and take them together on the journey. I currently live in Mumbai, India with my wife, a PCC coach herself and a 7- year-old son.

Why should you vote for me for ICF Board of Directors:

  • I know what it takes for Chapters to take off successfully and thrive by delivering more and more value to members as I started at the grassroots level by founding a chartered chapter and then have worked with various global committees within ICF.
  • I can support ICF and member strategically as I have created strategy and run P&L for a multimillion-dollar unit and consulted & created strategies for global organizations.
  • I understand different cultures and can bring different perspectives to the table as I have worked across countries and have lead teams, from diverse cultures and backgrounds.
  • I am passionate about ethics, which is showcased by my being part of the Independent Review Board of ICF, running the Ethics COP in India and doing webinars globally on ethics.
  • I can help ICF with better contracting and vendor management processes as I have worked with government agencies globally and am very comfortable with creating and reading contracts and managing large-scale vendor based projects.
  • I will bring in the knowledge of being part of much larger non-profit board as I am part of my Alma Mater’s Alumni Association board, which is a non-profit board similar to ICF and has 50,000+ members globally.
  • I can help ICF and chapters with the financial strategy as I have handled multi-billion dollar contracts and managed the financials for all those.

How would I support ICF and its members:

While I will support ICF in the strategic direction they are taking, I believe I would love to support a couple of them more passionately.

ICF is home to a lot of us and I believe our home needs to bring all its members more closer and support them more in their business and coaching needs. The world is going digital and we need to keep pace with it and use it to our advantage. With my technology & strategy consulting background, I would like to work on creating a much richer digital platform including apps which provides a community space to talk to each other, get instant support from coaches globally, resources sharing and availability on your phone rather than going online all the time and tools to help grow your brand. There is so much we can do!! And I am very excited to be a part of this journey and bringing our community together.

I would like to help ICF and members by creating a client awareness strategy and take it forward with the help of ICF team & members across the chapters. This will have a huge impact on how our industry is perceived globally and will create more trust in clients who are thinking of getting into coaching or already use coaching for their needs.

If you believe that I can support ICF and its members by being part of the board, please do vote for me. I am hoping to meet your expectations of a board member of ICF. Thank you for the support.


Rajat Garg
Master Certified Coach (MCC) | Board Certified Coach (BCC) | Mentor Coach

Ram Ramanathan


Ram is the Founder and a Principal at Coacharya. As the resident Master and mentor coach, Ram oversees and conducts all aspects of coaching and training services offered under the Coacharya banner.


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