Bring in the Team and the System into Individual Coaching

May 25, 2020

Once a year, Ram, Coacharya’s Founder, facilitates a different, one-of-a-kind coach training program. It’s an opportunity to ask “what if?” and to explore what coaching is and could be. Last year, Ram’s goal was to show that coaches can perform at PCC level after just 30 hours of training. The remaining 95 hours (ACTP is 125) left room for honing skills and learning about systemic coaching. Not only did everyone succeed in coaching well after 30 hours, but quite a few coaches reached Mastery level skills and in less than 9 months from starting, several have obtained their PCC and EMCC SP credentials, while a few others are in the process of doing so.

This year’s program is even more ambitious. In addition to the focus on accelerated coaching skills, participants will learn systemic coaching, team coaching, supervision and a whole new approach for what coaching can be. It’s a challenging program aimed at experienced professionals who want to take their careers and their teams’ performance to the next level.

If you’re in a leadership position, you’ll learn the impact that your coaching can have on your team, your peers and your company. Please take a look at the course description Ram wrote below. If you’re interested in learning more or you’d like to register, please use the chat (lower right of your screen) or contact form to get in touch. All prospective learners for this program must interview with Ram to be admitted.


How to master coaching competencies to surpass time and space limits

Coach training in most cases focuses only on individual one-on-one coaching, and in the session. This ignores the fact that all coaching needs to be a journey of several sessions, involving stakeholders who impact the client and are impacted by the client, to ensure sustainable shifts in mindsets, behavior and results. Absence of looking beyond the space of the individual alone, and the time of the session alone makes coaching transactional and less impactful.

Coaching ought to be about empowering the client to their desired outcome through the exploration of the client’s mind and awareness in relation to the client’s ecosystem of community and beyond, with a future focus. Most individual coaching now, whether in life or at work, remains transactional with a remedial focus on individual behavioral shifts, euphemistically termed ‘transformation’. Coaching cannot be successful in creating the client’s awareness of self, team and system in the past, present, and future without creating and sustaining self-awareness in the coach. Coaches are rarely trained in these two critical aspects of what coaching needs to be in terms of going beyond the space and time of the coaching session, and coach’s awareness. We are reinventing coach training at Coacharya.  We go beyond the coaching competency frameworks through a systemic approach to coaching that includes the following in our ‘Systemic Team Leadership’ ACTP program.

What’s Included

This course will cover coaching competencies as well as the following areas:

  • Systemic team coaching approach: Coaching beyond space and time, individually, in teams and groups
  • Supervision: Reflecting within and without
  • Self-coaching and journaling to shift coach’s own mindset and behavior
  • Organizational development framework along with underlying psychological and learning theories
  • Integration of Eastern wisdom with Western sciences of psychology, neuroscience and quantum science
  • Leadership coaching for skills and behavior

Who This Course is For

This is not a run of the mill coach training program. It is an experiential adventure in discovering oneself so that one may help others discover themselves, not knowing, with no judgment, in a mindless manner. It is for the brave who wish to become true masters in coaching science and art, who have experience in leadership, and who are willing to be assessed by Ram for suitability before joining this journey. Course content and approach is tailored specifically to institutional leaders to align them with the concept of ‘leading by coaching’ to create a visionary and engaged organizational culture. We suggest a work experience of at least 15 years with teams in institutions. There will be academic rigor in pre-reading of content, assignments, project work, and peer and non-peer coaching that would be at least equal to time spent in class.

Though designed as a 125 hour long, 3 hours a week, virtual ACTP program, we shall also accommodate in addition to learners new to coaching, others who have a coaching background wishing to move from ACC and PCC to mastery levels with ICF and EMCC accreditation, with an understanding of how to coach individuals, teams and groups systemically.

Program Outcomes

  • Qualifying for credentialed accreditation at the level registered for with training and evidenced mentoring
  • Skills to create and work with teams in co-creation and collaboration
  • Knowledge to convince internal and external clients of the significant added value of systemic team approach to leadership coaching
  • Self-discovery and behavioural shifts
  • Familiarity with western psychological and eastern spiritual concepts

Resources on Systemic Coaching:

Smita Raghum
Smita Raghum


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