The Language of Coaching

Shanaia  •  Jul 9, 2021  •  1 min read

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The Language of Coaching

Language is a vital tool for the human species. Not only is it a means of communicating thoughts and ideas, but it also helps build friendships, professional relationships, and cultural ties. In this weeks webinar, Neha Sinha sheds some light light on the importance of understanding the meaning and feeling behind the words we hear from our clients. The way your clients communicate provides you with all the information you need to adapt your coaching skills to your client.

Other topics covered in this webinar include-

  • Introduction to language and its importance
  • Words in building a database
  • Coaching and Language
  • Listening to clients
  • Neha’s Vipassana experience
  • Practicing Presence
  • Conversation with yourself
  • Example of Grief and the Sixth Stage of grief by David Geisler

You can watch the full video on our Youtube Channel




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