Wonder Women Wednesdays

May 11, 2020

We have so many amazing women in our community! Every day we’re amazed, impressed and inspired by their stories and achievements. So since Wednesday, March 25, we’ve been holding weekly interviews with some of these amazing ladies in order to showcase them and their work to the world.

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Is there a woman you’d love to see interviewed? Please tell us! Fill out the form below with your nomination. Or perhaps you have a story you want to share? Tell us!

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What is Wonder Women Wednesday and Why We Started It

Wonder Women Wednesday Playlist

The video below is actually a playlist, with the most recent interview listed first.

BONUS: Wonder, Women and Wine

After I started the Wonder Women Wednesday interviews, I realized that while it’s awesome to learn about these women, I also wanted to learn from them. So in addition to the weekly interview where I showcase an amazing lady, I started doing LinkedIn Live sessions on my personal LinkedIn (follow me here). Each week I still sit down with another Wonder Woman, but the focus is more on the “wonder” bit and there’s a glass or two of wine involved :). The format of these more casual sessions is a chat about whatever is relevant that week in our lives.

I’m still learning and improving so none of these interviews are perfect, but they are fun and they’re a small way we can support the wonderful women around us. So watch an interview on YouTube every Wednesday at 9am CST, or follow me on LinkedIn for a chat and a glass of wine on Wednesday afternoons (time varies due to guests’ differing timezones).

Nominate a Wonder Woman to be Interviewed

The goal of this effort is to showcase women from all over the world, not just coaches or public speakers. Unsung heroes of all kinds are welcome. Please nominate a woman you’d like to see interviewed below.

Smita Raghum
Smita Raghum


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