Wonder Women Wednesdays

Magda Walczak  •  Mar 14, 2020  •  1 min read

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Wonder Women Wednesdays

We have so many amazing women in our community! Every day we’re amazed, impressed and inspired by their stories and achievements. So starting on Wednesday, March 25, we’re going to have weekly interviews with some of these amazing ladies to showcase them to the world.

Is there a woman you’d love to see interviewed? Please tell us! Leave a comment on the bottom of this post or fill out the form below to get a reminder about our first YouTube live stream and let us know who you’d like to hear from. Or perhaps you have a story you want to share? Tell us! We’re so excited to launch this new initiative. We hope you join us live on YouTube :).

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Magda Walczak


Magda Walczak is CEO of Coacharya and looks after strategy, technology, marketing, and customer experience. She's also the author of Saylor's tale, a children's book.


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