Dr. Colleen Lightbody

Associate Trainer
Johannesburg, South Africa

Coming from a background in Psychology and Brain–based learning, I am a motivational and inspirational coach and trainer, providing deep insight into human functioning supported by the science behind behaviour, emotions and leading change.

I have a positive and energetic style which is a reflection of the passion I have for my career and the people I am connected with. I live my core purpose of being a catalyst for change. I am challenging and believe in stretching my clients to more than they thought possible. I also work at a level of values, thinking and beliefs, ensuring meaningful and honest conversations that create sustainable transformation and support change.

I am a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation and have a PhD in Mindfulness and Leadership as well as a Masters in Personal and Professional Leadership. I am a respected and integral member of a team of trainers, mentors and assessors for The Neuroleadership Institute, Coacharya and Brainwise Coaching Systems. I also have a variety of Coaching qualifications (CTI, Results Coaching systems – including Business, Executive, Team, Intuitive, Life Coaching). I have a diverse coaching practice with global experience in coaching at all levels of the organisation, up to, and including C-Suite; in the USA, Europe, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Singapore, Malaysia, Paris, Berlin, throughout Africa, India and Australia.

In addition to running training programs for NLI and Brainwise in South Africa and Globally, (as well as for many Business Schools and Universities), I have an active coaching practice with over 7000 hours of coaching experience working with personal, professional and corporate clients with a focus on transition, career and change. I ask challenging and deep questions that enable my clients to create vision, manage change and challenge powerfully and take focused action. I am also an assertive coach that takes my clients and their goals seriously – I expect the best from my coaching and the best from my clients.

From climbing Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp, to achieving Provincial Colours in both Cycling and Triathlon, completing Iron Man Challenges, and many cycling races and ultra-marathons, I walk my talk. I am in demand as an inspirational Motivational Speaker, receiving a standing ovation at a TEDx event. I am married with two grown children and am currently residing in Johannesburg, South Africa, with the intention of moving to the UK in the next few years.

Testimonials from past learners for Dr. Colleen Lightbody

“The start of a coaching journey can be pretty daunting for new coaches, it’s a whole new and ever-changing world… I am so glad I had Dr Colleen as my first coach trainer and mentor. I love and admire her journey to start with and her authentic and energetic style flows into how she facilitates and curates our learning journey. As a coach trainee, I feel supported, clear and excited. She is always creating a space for us to resolve our queries which is a huge learning each time, sharing resources on steroids so we are constantly upskilling and learning and the best part – she learns with us. I have loved her structured and mad scientist-like sessions where we can be clear, curious and open-minded all at the same time. She has managed to make me fall more in love with the journey, art & science of coaching. So lucky to be a part of her cohort!” – Kriti Thakur

“I have been wanting to explore coaching as a career for quite a long time now, and it suffices to say I made the best decision to enroll with Coacharya. Among the list of trainers that we could pick for our training Program, I am beyond ecstatic that I chose Dr. Colleen. The learning environment created in her sessions is full of kindness, openness, warmth and encouragement. Moreover, she cares about each individual’s progress. Her sessions have definitely made me enjoy coaching and have also played a significant role in my personal growth. Much Gratitude to Coacharya and Dr. Colleen.” – Ragini Khosla

“Coacharya’s Coaching Foundation program is the best learning program that I have attended over my career spanning multiple decades thanks to its structure, high-quality content and an excellent trainer. I will definitely recommend the program and the trainer to my friends and colleagues.

I like the way the program is spread out to give the learner time and space to reflect on the inputs and grow as a coach. Their text book covers the competency areas expertly supported by articles, audio and videos. Coacharya’s registration process is also very structured and smooth.

Dr Colleen Lightbody is amazing! Her sessions are well structured and is totally learner-focused. She brings out the nuances of coaching competencies in her own unique way. Her insights from her vast experience as a coach are very valuable to the learners. Her deep understanding of neuroscience and mindfulness brings science to the art of coaching. Overall, coaching is in her DNA and I have personally benefitted from her style that helps learners to reflect and grow.” – Anantha Natarajan