Dr. Paras, MCC

Regions: Mumbai, Pune, Virtual
Programs: ACTP (ACC, PCC and MCC)
Specialties: NLP

Dr. Paras is an unconventional Mentor Coach and Coach Trainer who promotes people transform their professional and personal lives. His passion for coaching helps his clients drive paradigm shifts in their organizational thinking. When working with executives, Paras focuses on enabling clients believe that change is possible. This change within manifests in clients’ companies by supporting them create possibilities for organizations to excel and grow. Paras’ approach to coaching is direct, inspirational, incisive and empathetic. His sensitivity to the emotional depth of words allows him to connect with people, which means he can successfully build trust with clients and act as a catalyst for change. He is extremely passionate about driving people to be extraordinary, innovative, creative, and successful in every domain of life. He has done commendable work in transforming behavioural patterns of many senior executives through interventions like self discovery, leadership insight series and coaching.

Even though he’s one of the youngest MCC holders and EMCC Master Practitioner in the world, he has already won several prestigious awards, such as: Innovative Coach of the Year (India-Delhi), Transformational Coach of the Year (World HR Congress), and Mentor Coach of the Year (Malaysia). Paras is also a Founding Member of Tava-Mitram, a non-profit initiative that provides quality group coaching to those in need. In addition to his coaching practice, Dr. Paras is an active coach trainer as well. Through his partnership with Coacharya, Paras partners with prospective coaches not just through Western coaching methodologies, but also through Eastern approaches and philosophies.

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