Cdr. Dreyvan Dayse, PCC, SP

(Armed Forces Veteran | Systems Coach)

A veteran with 22 years of enabling teams in the armed forces followed by 07 years of enabling business teams and unleashing business leaders. Dreyvan has the unique experience of heading teams both in the military and in the business world.

In the military, he has donned many hats and leadership roles. He has been a Pilot and flown 03 different types of aircraft, a Commanding Officer of a warship, an Executive Officer, an Administrator, and an Assessor. As an armed forces assessor, he has experience of having screened 10.000+ and detailed assessment of 2800+ potential candidates for leadership qualities for armed forces officer’s cadre selection. During this period he assessed over 300+ teams for leadership potential.

Cdr. Dreyvan Dayse, launched his own leadership and OD consulting venture in 2013 called INNERLEGEND. Since then he has headed a business and has partnered successfully with Business Owners | C-Suite executives | Core teams in transforming organizational performances and creating unprecedented possibilities for businesses in the communication, media, fertility, education, manufacturing, design, retail and aviation sectors.

His years of practical experience of leading teams are backed with a wide range of skillsets and global credentials in many disciplines. He is a credentialed coach with an ICF-PCC & EMCC-SP. He is an alumni of business management school IIM-A. He is certified in Group Dynamics and Assessment from DRDO(DIPR), Gestalt therapy, MITx certified in Leading in Disruptive Times and From the Emerging Future, a Master’s degree in Psychology and Counselling, certified Ontological Leadership practitioner, Master NLP practitioner and certified in Systemic Coaching processes.

His noble aim is to power up and enable at least a 1000 teams and organizations to function at their highest levels of purpose and alignment and unleash a million business leaders | coaches | millennials & youth to their highest calling.

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