Michael Cullen, PCC

Michael has spent the past decade totally immersed in the field of coaching.

Following his graduation from Concordia University as an ICF-accredited Personal & Professional Certified Coach (PPCC) in 2009, Michael was invited back as a member of the teaching staff. From 2010-2016 he facilitated training, mentor coaching, and coaching supervision to over 250 new coaches who passed through the PPCC program.

Michael went on to become a certified Group coach, a Team Coach, and an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC). In 2019, he successfully completed the Advanced Studies in Coaching Supervision program at Oxford Brookes University, where he developed a model informed by Buddhism, Integral Theory, and Adult Learning & Development.

Michael continues to coach a wide range of individuals and groups from around the globe, from Ashoka Fellows to Executives & leaders to individuals and teams challenged by personal and professional transition changes. He specializes in Developmental coaching and Performance coaching, reflecting his ongoing dedication to Continuous Personal & Professional Development (CPD).

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Learn a bit more about Michael’s journey as a coach and what you can expect when you train with him.

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Here’s a recent webinar Michael hosted on A Buddhist Approach to Coaching.

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