Coaching Across Boundaries

Coaching skills are applicable across industries and roles. Through the month of October, 2019 we held a FREE virtual event that explored coaching applications beyond a traditional coaching conversation.

24 sessions (90 mins each)

Applicable to coaches and non-coaches

Renowned International Speakers

Speakers included:

Pam McLean
Jane Brendgen
Peter Hawkins
Fiona Adamson
Fons Tromperaars
Magda Mook
Leon VanderPol
Vijayalakshmi S
Alan Seale
Kelly Wendorf
Trace Hobson
Janet Harvey

An Interactive Virtual Event

During every weekday in October we hosted an expert, or a panel of experts, from the coaching or corporate world. Each 90 minute session featured a dialogue, panel discussion or coaching demonstration. Each session included an interactive chatroom and opportunities to ask questions.

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We were honored to host the following speakers and their discussion partners.
Against each session listed below is the YouTube link to it’s video recording.

DateTopicSpeakerSession DescriptionRegister
10/1Professional Coaching Accelerating Social ProgressMagda MookCEO and Executive Director of ICF will discuss how coaching made its way from purely individual application to corporate setting and now to not-for-profit world. It is about the awareness of what coaching can do in societal progress, greater attention coaches pay to the impact of their work and the work of their clients and the overall urgency to pay attention to “what can be the greatest contribution coaching can offer to humanity”.Watch Session
10/2Mindful Relational DialogueFiona Adamson Fiona Adamson and Jane Brendgen will be in an open-hearted conversation with each other as a demonstration of how we work together across a range of topics, both personal and professional. We are open to observations and inquiries, and happy to reflect with you during our time together.Watch Session
10/3Self-CoachingMagda WalczakAn international panel will discuss how coaching concepts can be applied to daily situations and self-coaching.Watch Session
10/4Coaching Across Religious BeliefsMichael Cullen
Ram Charan
Karel Glazer
John Serrao
Irfan Dabeer
All religions address the common truth of what lies within us that aligns us with the universe and the environment. This is often interpreted to cause intolerance. A panel of coaches from 5 different faiths gather to apply the coaching process evidence the commonality on interfaith alignment by exploring limiting faith based beliefs to create awareness to enhance tolerance.Watch Session
10/7Organizational Wholeness through Systemic Coaching, Management, and LeadershipTrace Hobson
Caroline Veerman
How do we help people within organizations that are in stress, chaos, and the overwhelm of their workplace systems? How do we coach, manage and lead people that are in the middle of reorganization, or agile transformation? Trace Hobson will be our guide on this journey of discovery that will surprise and enlighten you.Watch Session
10/8Coaching DiversityCindy MuthukarapanThis session addresses Diversity & Inclusion, especially of women in minority, from the perspective of coaching with the objective of what can be possibilities to enhance acceptance and performance to potential. Watch Session
10/9Mastery in CoachingRam S Ramanathan A panel of MCC coaches will discuss what Mastery in coaching means and how to achieve it.Watch Session
10/10Polarities in CoachingBarry Johnson - Which is better-to support your coaching clients, OR to challenge them?
- In effective coaching, does the client gain awareness OR take action?
If you find yourself responding “Well, it depends,” you are experiencing the tension of a polarity and the recognition that you need BOTH. In this session, Barry Johnson and Ann Deaton introduce polarity thinking and mapping. Participants will experience several polarities, explore polarities essential to effective coaching, and learn a powerful tool for expanding their client’s awareness and potential for taking action.
Watch Session
10/11Transformational Presence: Building Bridges of Connection and Co-CreationAlan SealeTransformational Presence is about creating a strong foundation for dynamic, engaged, progressive, and healthy communities, organizations, and social systems. Join Alan Seale and his guests for a dialogue exploring building bridges of connection and co-creation across boundaries of all types. This panel also includes: Jo Boniszewski (Netherlands), Trace Hobson (Canada), Sander van Eekelen (Netherlands) and Joanna Zawada-Kubik (Poland)Watch Session
10/14The Selfless CoachKelly WendorfJoin EQUUS founder Kelly Wendorf and EQUUS faculty Adam Ram Charan for an exploration of transformative applications of contemplative wisdom, somatic awareness, and deep presence in coaching. Kelly and Ram Charan both bring a lifetime's dedication to meditation and self-inquiry in addition to their respective specializations in equine- assisted, presence-based, and somatic coaching, healing, and facilitation. In this seminar they combine forces for a living, synergistic learning experience in wisdom-based (or transcendent?) transformational coaching. This class will include a preview of their upcoming course,The Selfless Coach: Facilitating Transformation through Effortless PresenceWatch Session
10/15Coaching the Dilemmas of TransformationLeon VanderPol
and Dr. Rosie Kuhn
The coaching challenge is, people want transformation but they just don’t want to change. Join Leon VanderPol, founder of the Center for Transformational Coaching & Living, and Dr. Rosie Kuhn, founder of The Paradigm Shifts Coaching Group, for a dialogue on what it takes to support the kind of change that is more than a slight deviation from the status-quo, but change that shakes the foundation of our self-identity and world-view. It’s when confronted with this reality that people will resist, balk, or find ways to avoid the hard work it takes. In this panel discussion, we will dive into the question of how we can effectively work with and coach this existential dilemma.Watch Session
10/16OD in Systemic CoachingSushma SharmaThis session, with a panel of experts, works on Organisational Developmental principles that apply to coaching from establishing agreement to designing actions through presence, communication and awareness. Session will address works of Kurt Lewin, Edgar Schein, Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer.Watch Session
10/17Coaching for Dispute Resolution through MediationBruce Edwards
Tara Ollapally
Vijayalakshmi S
Coaching is powerful in conflict resolution to mediate and resolve disputes. Bruce Edwards, Tara Ollapally and Vijayalakshmi S will discuss Mediation and its interplay with coaching, and what coaches can take away from this fast growing field of Mediation.Watch Session
10/18Systemic Coaching Through EUM - A Cross Cultural PerspectiveAshok Malhotra Individual and systemic issues are intertwined. How a person experiences the system has a profound impact on role taking and systemic membership. The EUM framework is bifocal- it maps both the individual and the system. While the issues of relatedness between the individual and the system are universal, their manifestation varies across different cultures. The cross cultural panel will explore these cultural nuances using the EUM framework.Watch Session
10/21Coaching ChildrenLeah BlackIs coaching children the same as working with adults? Can coaching techniques be used with your own children? Find out from this panel of coaches who are also parents. Watch Session
10/22Self as Coach, Self as Leader: Cultivating Our Internal Landscape to be at our BestPam McLean As coaches and leaders, we need this roadmap to make the very best use of ourselves as our most important resource. To make the leap from good enough to truly great. To explore what’s below the surface. To transform us as leaders and do our best work.Watch Session
10/23Future of CoachingDavid Goldsmith What skills do coaches need to focus on for the future? What do they need to address for their own development as coaches? What blocks them? These are some of the issues that this session will address to create a window into the future for coaches.Watch Session
10/24Boundaries Begin WithinJanet Harvey Do you know where your boundaries come from? Coaching across those boundaries is first an internal process. We must learn to breakthrough our preferences and see the full expression of others in order to belong to the spontaneous moment.Watch Session
10/25Coaching Across BoundariesFons Tromperaars Fons Trompenaars, a globally acclaimed cross cultural coach and consultant, provides his insights on how to coach across cultural boundariesWatch Session
10/28Create Your Future (part 1)Ram S Ramanathan and panel guestsRam explains how the process of coaching can help create one's future through self discovery of values and purpose, what supports one's growth, what need to be addressed to reach desired outcome. This session is based on a popular program that usually lasts several days. Watch Session
10/29Humanity’s Gender Confidence GapJanet Harvey Confidence is a fundamental human character trait. Some people seem to naturally exude confidence, others less so. How do our identities form in each life role and unconsciously produce bias that results in a confidence gap? Join our international, ICF-MCC panelists who will explore how we engage to disrupt bias and habit in ways that support the embodiment of confidence by each person.
Panelists: Janet Harvey, Diane Bonneau, Saima Butt, Dorothy Siminovitch, Silvia Tassarotti
Watch Session
10/30Create Your Future (part 2)Ram S Ramanathan Ram explains how the process of coaching can help create one's future through self discovery of values and purpose, what supports one's growth, what need to be addressed to reach desired outcome. This session is based on a popular program that usually lasts several days. Watch Session
10/31Aligning CulturesAlex Egan The speaker, a specialist in M & A, addresses how coaching can help align cultures when companies merge, acquire and consolidateWatch Session
11/1Systemic Leadership CoachingPeter Hawkins Peter Hawkins, creator of the Seven Eyed Model in coaching supervision and pioneer in Systemic Team Leadership Coaching, presents his experience to learn from, outlining how coaching competencies are applied systemically. Watch Session