Coaching Across Boundaries 2019

Coaching skills are applicable across industries and roles. Join us for an event that explores how coaching releases leadership potential as well as applications outside a traditional coaching conversation.

24 sessions (90 mins each) for 36 CCEUs (pending ICF approval)

Renowned International Speakers

Every weekday in October at 6:30pm IST / 9am EST

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An Interactive Virtual Event

During every weekday in October we will host an expert, or a panel of experts, from the coaching or corporate world. Each 90 minute session will feature a dialogue, panel discussion or coaching demonstration. Each session will include an interactive chatroom and opportunities to ask questions.


Who Should Attend

  • Anyone with interest in coaching or leadership development
  • Managers and team leaders
  • Executives
  • Coaches at all levels
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The schedule below is 90% confirmed, but there may be a few changes in coming weeks. Please register now and you will be notified when the schedule is set in stone. In the meantime, please take a look at sessions from last year’s event.

DateTopicSpeakerSession Description
10/1ICF in CoachingMagda MookCEO and Executive Director of ICF will discuss the role of ICF in coaching globally.
10/2Mindful Relational DialogueFiona Adamson Fiona Adamson and Jane Brendgen will host a session on the topic of mindful relational dialogue in the coaching and supervision process. What is the purpose of working in this way? Transformational change has dialogue at its heart. We will reflect together on how to begin a dialogue and what it takes to sustain it when uncertainties and doubts begin to interrupt the flow. We wish to make our session interactive and so welcome comments and questions as you witness how we conduct our dialogue.
10/3Coaching Applications in Daily LifeMagda WalczakAn international panel will discuss how coaching concepts can be applied to daily situations and self-coaching.
10/4Coaching Across Religious BeliefsMichael Cullen
Ram Charan
Karel Glazer
John Serrao
Irfan Dabeer
All religions address the common truth of what lies within us that aligns us with the universe and the environment. This is often interpreted to cause intolerance. A panel of coaches from 5 different faiths gather to apply the coaching process evidence the commonality on interfaith alignment by exploring limiting faith based beliefs to create awareness to enhance tolerance.
10/7Organizational Wholeness through Systemic Coaching, Management, and LeadershipTrace Hobson
Caroline Veerman
How do we help people within organizations that are in stress, chaos, and the overwhelm of their workplace systems? How do we coach, manage and lead people that are in the middle of reorganization, or agile transformation? Trace Hobson will be our guide on this journey of discovery that will surprise and enlighten you.
10/8Coaching DiversityCindy MuthukarapanThis sesssion addresses Diversity & Inclusion, especially of women in minority, from the perspective of coaching with the objective of what can be possibilities to enhance acceptance and performance to potential
10/9Coaching in Indian CorporationsRajeev DubeyRajeev Dubey, Director HR at Mahindra a large Indian MNC , addresses the subject of executive coaching in large corporations, trends, how coaches are selected, and what their expectations are.
10/10Polarities in CoachingBarry Johnson Dilemmas are common coaching issues, generally handled through evaluation of pros and cons. Johnson through the Polarity approach addresses this vexing coaching contract through an exploration of what works best in both options through meaningful communication with the client to create awareness and resolution to action.
10/11Transformational Presence: Building Bridges of Connection and Co-CreationAlan SealeTransformational Presence is about creating a strong foundation for dynamic, engaged, progressive, and healthy communities, organizations, and social systems. Join Alan Seale and his guests for a dialogue exploring building bridges of connection and co-creation across boundaries of all types.
10/14Selfless CoachKelly WendorfIn this session Wendorf relates Self to creation of Presence in coaching and explains it through ontological and somatic principles, using her own experiences in creating awareness through interaction with animals, especially horses.
10/15Coaching to the Dilemmas of BeingLeon VanderPol
Dr. Rosie Kuhn
Leon VanderPol works of Deep Transformational coaching using ontological approaches to help the client address the inner world and the inner spirit, inside out, in order that client can address the external situation holistically. Through 9 transformative deep coaching practices he helps client move to action from desired outcome through awareness.
10/16OD in Systemic CoachingKathy LippertThis session, with a panel of experts, works on Organisational Developmental principles that apply to coaching from establishing agreement to designing actions through presence, communication and awareness. Session will address works of Kurt Lewin, Edgar Schein, Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer.
10/17Coaching for Dispute Resolution through MediationTara Ollapally Coaching is powerful in conflict resolution to mediate and resolve disputes. In this session a panel of experts apply coaching competencies to cases and explain how it helps resolve long standing disputes.
10/18Systemic Coaching Through EUM - A Cross Cultural PerspectiveAshok Malhotra Focusing on systemic coaching principles of aligning individuals to teams and organisation, Malhotra creates the EUM cultural model based on Graves and Maslow to create awareness and action through a self and organisational inquiry and assessment process.
10/21Coaching exploration of Political DilemmasDavid Clutterbuck Clutterbuck, one of the EMCC founders, addresses socio political issues facing executives and others dealing with environmental issues through a systemic coaching lens to provide a process and steps to inquire, communicate and create awareness to resolve these issues.
10/22Use of Self - Hudson Coaching MethodologyPam McLean Pam McLean, CEO, of Hudson Institute of Coaching explains the Hudson's successful coaching model based in creating inner awareness through Use of Self.
10/23Future of CoachingDavid Goldsmith What skills do coaches need to focus on for the future? What do they need to address for their own development as coaches? What blocks them? These are some of the issues that this session will address to create a window into the future for coaches.
10/24Boundaries Begin WithinJanet Harvey Do you know where your boundaries come from? Coaching across those boundaries is first an internal process. We must learn to breakthrough our preferences and see the full expression of others in order to belong to the spontaneous moment.
10/25Coaching Across BoundariesFons Tromperaars Fons Trompenars, a globally acclaimed cross cultural coach and consultant, provides his insights on how to coach across cultural boundaries
10/28Women in Leadership on Leadership CoachingAshu SuyashIn this session, a panel of Women leaders/CEOs discuss with a master coach on leadership development possibilities to further increase quantity and quality of women in leadership positions
10/29Humanity’s Gender Confidence GapJanet Harvey Harvey will address a behavior many have, especially young women, in what may be called confidence gap or the impostor syndrome, by addressing it through the coaching process exploring limiting beliefs to create awareness to enhance self esteem and confidence.
10/30Systemic Leadership CoachingPeter Hawkins Perter Hawkins, creator of the Seven Eyed Model in coaching supervision and pioneer in Systemic Team Leadership Coaching, presents his experience to learn from, outlining how coaching competencies are applied systemically.
10/31Role of Coaching in Corporate Mergers in aligning culturesAlex Egan The speaker, a specialist in M & A, addresses how coaching can help align cultures when companies merge, acquire and consolidate
11/1Create Your FutureRam S Ramanathan Ramanathan explains how the process of coaching can help create one's future through self discovery of values and purpose, what supports one's growth, what need to be addressed to reach desired outcome. Session is based on a popular program of several days.

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