Team coaching is a nuanced approach. Therefore, practitioners are encouraged to engage in guided reflective practice for development and support. Applicants must document at least 5 hours of supervision with an eligible Coaching Supervisor or ICF Mentor Coach with supervision training and experience. 

Supervision hours can be completed either by a one-on-one with a coaching supervisor or in a group supervision setting of up to 10 participants. 

The focus of the coaching supervision hours submitted to meet this requirement should be the applicant’s team coaching practice. However, they can also include some focus on the applicant’s other parts of professional practice (individual, group coaching, etc)

The coaching supervisor of the applicant has to meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Hold an active coaching supervision certification, credential, or accreditation by a coaching or coaching supervision professional body 
  2. Have completed a coaching supervision education program of at least 60 hours and have at least 120 hours of coaching supervision experience 
  3. Be an eligible ICF Mentor Coach with 60 hours of coaching supervision education and at least 120 hours of coaching supervision experience.

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