Coaching Mindset

This practical approach helps employees at all levels of an organization to learn, apply and scale a coaching mindset. The result? Trust and improved communication within the teams, which leads to increased performance. The program can be customized to organizational goals and group needs.

8 sessions, 2 hours each, weekly or bi-weekly, in groups

Structured peer coaching between classes

Content based on coaching competencies

Can be supplemented with 360 and 1:1 coaching

Business Coaching

We coach individuals, groups and teams at companies of all sizes. How can we help you?

Common Challenges Companies Face


Silo approach and lack of collaborative teamwork at leadership levels

Collaborative teamwork at all leadership levels


Directive one way communication leading to poor people engagement

Coaching-style communication


Silo approach and lack of collaborative teamwork at leadership levels

Collaborative teamwork at all leadership levels

Do any of these resonate for you?

Coaching Mindset Program Overview

Coaching Mindset draws from the wisdom of ICF coaching competencies, but reframes them to make them relevant and applicable to their work context. The program teaches participants a “coaching mindset” and how to apply it in their jobs. This is an especially effective program for people managers. It uses case studies brought in by participants to make the experience as applicable to their organization as possible. 

The results? A coaching culture spread throughout the organization, with more productive, happier employees. And anyone who falls in love with coaching during the program can continue with our accredited coach training program.

At the end of each program, we ask participants to tell us what “coaching mindset” means to them. Here’s an example from a real past cohort:

Program Modules

How Coaching Leads to Team Success

Introduce learners to the program and show them how the coaching mindset and a practical coaching model will empower them and their teams.

Earning Trust

Understand trust as the foundation of open and honest communication; and see the relationship between trust, productive feedback, and developmental conversations with their teams.

Communicating Powerfully

Approach communication through trust, by deep listening and using questions and observations to enhance learning and growth.

Co-Creating a Vision

Acquire a practical method to create and align measurable goals to organizational culture and personal success.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Understand constructive feedback as an opportunity for growth and maintain trust and powerful communication within challenging situations.

Designing Action Plans

Create progress and success from feedback, and design ways to inspire accountability with action planning.

Program Structure

Each module includes:

  • Briefing document
  • Further reading and video content
  • Reflection questions
  • Peer coaching practice prompts

Learning evidencing:

  • Mentored feedback on observed sessions in class
  • Evaluation of coaching session recordings or 1:1 coaching session
  • Summative final project (action plan)

What Recent Participants Have to Say

“Thank you for all the nudging and for all the directional inputs. I am a very different leader today, thanks to the Coacharya team.”

“(The program) helped me in finding the right approach to improve the experience of the team and enhance them to build on their capabilities to a winning attitude for both individual and the organization.”

“The Coacharya course came to my support at right time as it enabled me to exercise my strategy more effectively. Also, it provided mid-course correction as same would not have come from any quarters/sources. It helped me understand the perspective of larger audience beyond my team and widened my horizon of learning and application. I was able to continuously build trust with my team with day-to-day challenges handled professionally and provision of right coaching. I was able to generate a sense of maturity and sincerity in team while dealing with people around them even in challenging situations.”

“The role-plays and the breakout room allowed us to be creative and interestingly, shook my beliefs on a few occasions, but also helped expand my perception.”

“I have come to appreciate that as a leader, I should not be telling people what to do. Instead, I should guide them to come to the right decisions or answers on their own by way of asking discerning questions. I ask more open-ended questions, am curious when I engage in a dialogue and listen patiently with attention. Further, another change in my approach that I have made is, that I have become equally receptive to answering questions as well which is still bit of a stretch for me.”

Request a Proposal

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