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ACTP with Ram for Senior Leaders

June 7, 2022 @ 7:00 PM IST

Coach Training
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Ram Ramanathan, MCC

Offered only once a year, this special program is open only to leaders with 20+ years of experience. It’s an intensive deep-dive into coaching and practical application for those in leadership positions. It’s also a coaching journey for the participants. We invite learners to use this space to be coached in class and in individual sessions, as is possible with Ram.

Please contact us if you’d like to apply for this program. We will ask for your CV, LinkedIn profile and for an interview.

Program Logistics:

  • Starts on Tuesday, June 7, 2022 
  • Class will meet fortnightly on alternate Tuesdays at 6:30 PM India, for 3 hours, via Zoom
  • Certificates awarded will be for an ACTP level program 
  • Program costs $9995 USD
  • Participants must be experienced leaders with at least 20 years of work experience

Training Needs Addressed: 

  • Coaching Competencies including those of ICF (2019 Revision) and EMCC for individuals, team, systemic work and supervision in life & work situations using Coacharya’s proprietary LASIE, SET, 3A and 3C framework, along with GROW model.
  • Leadership requirements in the areas of Organizational Development including Culture Change. People Engagement, High Performance, Team Collaboration, Safe Workplace, Work-life Integration etc. using Coacharya SPEED model, Constellation framework, and Culture Change models based on approaches of Hofstede, GLOBE, ADKAR etc.
  • Psychological Theories & Models including Freud, Jung, Seligman, Maslow, Kubler Ross, Dilts, NLP, Appreciative Inquiry, Senge, Scharmer etc. to support coaching 
  • Self-coaching to create self-awareness and discovery of one’s purpose using Coacharya Create Your Future framework
  • Active mentoring in systemic team assignments in learner’s workplace by Ram

Learning Outcomes:

  • Coaching certification at the equivalent of ICF PCC/ Level 2, EMCC SP and CCE BCC
  • Pathway to group, team and supervision requirements with additional inputs 
  • Basic understanding of OD, NLP, Appreciative Inquiry, & Psychological models 
  • Ability to lead teams in organizations with a systemic approach
  • Creating one’s own future in life and work with awareness of purpose 
  • Discovering and behaving as one’s better Self 

Program Features:

  • The program draws from Bloom’s Taxonomy, ADDIE framework, Kirkpatrick’s Evaluation, Andragogy of Knowles/Kolb and other time-tested frameworks
  • Continuous improvement based on feedback and co-creation with learners during the program
  • This is primarily a virtual program, with some options of live interaction
  • Action Learning between classes – Assignments, Presentations, Roleplays, Practice, and Mentored support to systemic teamwork undertaken by each learner
  • 125 Total Class Room Hours with 63 Synchronous hours, 10 Mentoring hours and 63 asynchronous hours through Coacharya Webinars on Coaching Competencies, over ~25 fortnights. 
  • Additional requirement of 400 hours of reading, viewing, CPD, and Corporate systemic engagement leading to at least a combined total of 500 hours of commitment (including coaching, mentoring and learning
  • Every session will have a mix of content discussion & sharing based on essential pre-reading of content from LMS, & practice in breakout rooms
  • In addition to classroom mentoring, arm’s length ACTP mentored evaluation by another MCC coach starting on fortnight 15 

Learning Evidencing

  • Sharing in each class of action learning from practice at the start of the session, and in-class learning through role-play, practice, break-out discussions, etc.
  • Presentations by each learner on mutually agreed themes
  • Written 600-word submissions of reflections on learning, practice, and experiences, minimum one every 4 fortnights
  • Coaching recordings of minimum 30 minutes with self-assessed transcripts for mentor feedback once every 4 fortnights
  • Program and Facilitator feedback in class as well as formal survey once every 4 fortnights
  • 30 hours of Peer coaching/supervision in dyads/triads 
  • At least one video of a conversation with a senior corporate leader from a recognized organization on the value of Systemic team leadership approach
  • Systemic Team leadership program in learners’ organization for a minimum of 15 hours 
  • One e-book of 30 pages on a topic of practical value at work/life mutually agreed with the mentor. Some suggested topics using coaching for support in the areas of
    • Adolescent behaviour
    • Imposter syndrome in women
    • Transition in career including retirement
    • Work-Life imbalance issues
    • Invalidation
    • Grief, Shame, Anger, Stress and related emotions
    • Creating new culture
    • Leading change
  • Coacharya Certification is awarded only upon satisfactorily evidenced learning

What is not included:

  • Application and fees to accreditation agencies such as ICF, EMCC, BCC or other boards, which need to be done directly by the learner.
  • Submission of coaching experience required by ICF and BCC. In case of EMCC, as a part of the EQA fast track process, Coacharya will verify the log of coaching hours.
  • Assessment tests for ICF (CKA) and BCC will need to be completed separately. Coacharya provides a mock test platform to train.
Ram Ramanathan, MCC
June 7, 2022
7:00 PM IST
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New York, NY, USA
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Tue, 07 Jun 2022
9:30 am
London, United Kingdom
BST  (UTC +1)
Tue, 07 Jun 2022
2:30 pm
Mumbai, India
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Tue, 07 Jun 2022
7:00 pm
Sydney, Australia
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Tue, 07 Jun 2022
11:30 pm