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May 19 @ 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM IST

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In this webinar, we explore how psychodrama can unlock deep insights and actions in coaching conversations

Psychodrama is referred to as the science of action. By creating a safe space, individuals are invited to explore the truth and their inner experiences using dramatic methods. The forum provides a space for the Coach and Coachee to explore new meanings and perspectives through enacting and embodying the experience. It also provides opportunities for testing out new and futuristic ideas and ways of interaction in a contained space. The Psychodramatic approach helps create a new lens that goes beyond the verbal and the cognitive to tap one’s inherent wisdom and creativity 

Swasthika Ramamurthy and Shabari Madappa will demonstrate various psychodramatic techniques that have the power to unlock thoughts, feelings, and actions in coaching settings. They will be drawing their inspiration from the works of J L Moreno, a 20th-century physician, psychotherapist, and philosopher who is known as the originator of psychodrama, while leveraging their training for several years as Psychodrama Directors and as Executive Coaches

In order to experience this methodology fully during this webinar, we invite 10 volunteers to sign up ahead. As a volunteer, you will be expected to participate actively, be part of demonstrations of techniques, and be invited to bring in real-life topics as part of the psychodrama process. Just bring in your openness, spontaneity, and curiosity and you will enjoy the whole experience!

Please note that volunteers would be required to keep their videos on throughout the session.

Speakers for this webinar

Swasthika Ramamurthy

Swasthika’s varied life experiences have helped shape and inform her career choices in interesting and eclectic ways.

Intrigued by the mind-body connection, Swasthika moved from a career in healthcare to deepening understanding of human behavior and psychology.

Today, her experience in healthcare, IT & ITES has provided a foundation for her work as a consultant in her quest to create greater Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the workplace as a partner of Anekataa. In addition to developing leadership skills and assessing competencies, Swasthika is passionate about helping individuals and groups tap hidden potential through 1:1 and group coaching through examining assumptions and beliefs.

Swasthika is a trained Psychodrama Director and is actively engaged in helping HR leaders, facilitators, as well as individuals, expand their creative expression as well as experience new ways of personal transformation using innovative and engaging techniques. She is also conducting train the trainer sessions for new Psychodrama directors.

Her humanistic approach helps integrate many of these different approaches to create a meaningful learning experience and unfolding.

Shabari Madappa

Shabari is a trained facilitator, Executive Coach, and OD consultant with 28 years of experience in the corporate world. She has worked extensively with leaders & teams from different cultures, in both Indian and multinational organizations across diverse industries and continents.

Apart from her corporate experience in senior leadership roles, she honed her entrepreneurial skills by running a successful chain of restaurants in Bangalore for several years. She has a Master’s Degree in HR from XLRI, Jamshedpur; is certified in 9 psychometric assessments and Systemic coaching. She is a PCC coach through ICF; an Associate Coach with CCL; a Fellow with Sumedhas Academy of Human Context & a Psychodrama Director. Learning psychodrama has helped her trust her spontaneity and leverage creativity in herself and her clients in myriad ways

Her zest for living a full life shows up in how she dives into areas that are passionate for her; she is deeply committed to unlocking inclusive leadership with a special emphasis on gender inclusion.

Each month, we host a different international expert for a discussion or presentation on a topic near and dear to their heart. The sessions are appropriate for coaches, leaders and leadership development professionals at all levels of coaching knowledge.

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May 19
9:00 PM - 10:00 PM IST
Zoom / Virtual
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