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Coaching Foundation: An Ontological Approach

April 17, 2022 @ 7:00 AM IST

Coach Training
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Dreyvan Dayse, PCC

This 60-hour program prepares you for ICF ACC via ACSTH route. Once you complete Coaching Foundation, you can move on to Advanced Coaching or customize your coaching journey with Electives, and become eligible to apply for credentials via the ACTP route. Please scroll down for an overview of how the programs fit together. You can also explore paths to credentials here.

What to expect from Coaching Foundation at Coacharya:

  • 60 coach training hours
  • Meets weekly, via Zoom, for 3 hours at a time (with break)
  • Access to online learning portal with required course materials
  • 10 hours of mentoring with PCC or MCC coach included in fees
  • Completion requirements include assignments, coaching evaluations, and reflections
  • Successful completion qualifies to apply for ICF ACC credential via ACSTH
  • You can download the full curriculum and program overview here.

How Coacharya Programs Fit Together

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Why ‘Ontology’?

  • This unique and powerful coach training journey that we are offering is basically based on an ‘Ontological Approach’.
  • Just to quickly put that into perspective borrowing the famous quote by Bill O’Brien and extend it to the coaching process …“The success of a coaching session depends on the interior condition of the coach” The interior condition of the coach encompasses the holding space the coach provides to the client. 
  • The deep presence and the authentic listening that coaches are capable of providing to the client comes from that interior condition which we are referring to over here … And that interior condition can be powerfully accessed through the ‘being’ of a coach.
  • The focus for most is on improving ‘how’ we coach. But true coaching would mostly be about the ‘where is the coach coming from or operating from internally. The doing of a coach is always correlated and is consistent with the being of a coach. Ontology is a wonderful subject that gives access to one’s being.

Clarity of why this course is powerful and worthy of their consideration.

  • The course is powerful as an ontological approach to a subject is phenomenological and not epistemological.
  • The emphasis is not on defining, describing, understanding the skillsets as much as ‘getting’ them and expressing them innately.
  • The journey is designed to attempt to make the coaching skillsets a natural expression for the participant.

What is unique about this course?

  • This course adopts a unique transformational approach in the way it helps the participant acquire their skillsets.
  • Along with the required information the emphasis is on the process of internalizing the coaching skillsets.
  • There will be a deep inquiry in every session that will be carried into the reflections between the sessions.
  • The connections that emerge through the week are discussed in the next session to fine-tune these distinctions.
  • The skillset is then put regularly to practice week after week by participants in-between sessions until it becomes a natural state for the participants.

What is the value that this course offers which we invite you to consider? 

  • The deep and expanded awareness of the ‘Self’ and that of another and how we all operate in the functional world.
  • In bringing the participants face-to-face with the parts of themselves that they are themselves not aware of.

Dreyvan Dayse, PCC
April 17, 2022
7:00 AM IST
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Sat, 16 Apr 2022
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